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Backpacking In Dohuk, Kurdistan, Iraq

By Jonny Blair

Dohuk is an odd kind of town. You've never been in one like it before and you'll never be in one like it again. In fact, the nearest comparison I can make to Dohuk is with a town called Vank in Nagorno Karabakh. Basically Dohuk wants to be cool. It really wants to be. But it has a lot of barriers to overcome. Slowly but surely this town is becoming a decent spot for travellers. Even though you won't linger long (we stayed 2 nights), it's definitely worth a trip if you're touring Northern Iraq.

My top 5 things to do in Dohuk

1. Promenade Walk: The Corniche

This cool corniche runs the length of the city and is a great spot to walk nonchalantly along. It makes a great place to relax and chill away from the city vibe that takes place up above. There are some statues in Dohuk Corniche.

2. Dohuk Dam and Valley

In and around Dohuk there is a quality dam to check out. It sits on the edge of town and has valleys around it which is amazing. You should head out there and check this epic place out for sure!

You will love the amazing views from the Dohuk valley.

3. Dohuk Waterfalls

First of all - these waterfalls are FAKE. They are not natural at all. We caught them out one morning while walking past they had turned one of them off!! However this doesn't stop the locals going and enjoying them and you'll want to get your photo taken anyway as you walk past.

4. The Bazaar in Dohuk

It seems that every city or town of any decent size in Iran, Iraq and Turkey has a bazaar. Dohuk's is colourful and has all the usual stuff - fruit and veg stalls, drinks, clothes, nik baks, electronics etc.

5. The Dohuk Art Gallery

Dohuk has an art gallery in the town centre. This makes a perfect place to check out some Iraqi and Kurdish art and walk all around it admiring the quite breathtaking art on display.

So all in all Dohuk is a marvellous town to go backpacking in. It's clear that there is a lot to see and do in this charming Kurdish town in the northern part of Iraq. Safe travels.

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