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Great Value With Amigo Horse Rugs

By Kendra Hood

Owners are finding that Amigo horse rugs provide excellent value for money. Most horses and ponies have at least one rug and often more. It really depends on how much work the animal is required to do and weather on not they live outside. Many people like to keep their animals stabled in the cold, wet winter months as they stay clean and it cuts down dramatically on grooming time.

Show horses need an extensive wardrobe of blankets, coolers and rugs. They need to look their best at all times and really stand out in the show ring. Having the right types of rug for each occasion is crucial. During the winter horses will need a warm, water proof turnout rug. This must be made of material that is strong as horses do tend to play rough and can easily snag their blankets on a fence.

The Amigo company recognized these problems and knew there was a ready market for a new improved design. So, they went right back to the basics and completely redesigned horse clothing. Gone were the thick heavy fabrics and difficult fasteners, to be replaced by state of the art light weight materials and easy to use closures. These are so much easier to use especially on cold winter nights when fingers are freezing.

Most owners like to have a set of blankets just for shows. They are usually in their stable colors and help to make them feel like part of the team. The traditional cotton sheet with a navy blue or red edging is still very popular. However, bright new colors are also become much more common especially with the young riders.

The Amigo company has been at the forefront of horse clothing manufacture for many years. They have gone back to the drawing board to develop a totally new line of rugs that are cut to fit a horses body shape properly. This eliminates the old problem of rubbing and chaffing that left many horses with bald areas particularly on their chest and shoulders. The new style of rug is loaded with great features that makes it very user friendly and easy to care for.

Even during the warm summer months most horses need a few light weight cotton turn out sheets. These help to keep them clean, but also stops a light colored horse suffering sun bleaching in the strong light. The flies are also a serious problem that can lead to itching and rubbing. Keeping the horse covered with an easy to was stable sheet saves a lot of work.

It is now very easy to shop on line. In fact, most people do more of their shopping on line that at a retail outlet. If they have questions the customer service department is standing by ready to help. Measuring horses for a rug does take a few minuets but the staff will be able to help and offer advice.

The Amigo brand is available in many local retail outlets. Riders and owners should check with their local tack store. Alternatively they can shop on line and have the new rug shipped to their home or barn.

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