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Why Pool Table Refelting Means More Than Looks

By Leticia Jensen

Pool tables can develop worn spots and rips in the surface if not treated carefully. This will throw a game off for most people and charges of fixing the game in favor of you can be brought by even the friendliest competitors. The nature of the covering, which is felt, will have a lot to do with how the table is used, so a rip or worn area must be repaired or replaced. This pool table refelting is best done by a company who does this all of the time.

You could patch that rip with a bit of felt or redo the entire surface. Patching a rip can take a few minutes of careful preparation and you can be back at your game of eight ball. You must ensure that the patch does not interfere with the delicate roll of each ball as it passes over this area. This can be accomplished with a small piece of felt, some adhesive, a very sharp knife and a lot of patience.

One of the best courses of action should be to have the entire surface recovered. This will ensure that the table has a fresh look, ready for whatever you throw at it, although not literally of course. Getting help in this project from a professional in Denver, CO will be as easy as giving them a call or stopping by the several that are available in the Mile High City. A do it yourself project of this type will need the help of a few professionals.

The professionals that do this have the experience to see it is done right. They will be able to help you see other possibilities for your table and help you with the decorative elements in the rest of the room. One of he first questions they will ask will have to do with the color you are interested in.

The vast majority of pool tables come in a standard green felt. This is fine if you are looking for standard, however, the ability to get other colors might interest you. Some of these others will be purple, blue, red, cream and those with designs on them. Sprucing up your party room can begin with the largest game there.

The professionals will arrive and get right to work. The measurements will be taken to make sure they have adequate felt of the proper color. The rails will need to be removed to reveal the old staples, which will have to be removed as well. The old glue must come off and the surface prepped to receive the new adhesive.

The exacting cuts on the felt will be accomplished, both lengthwise and for width. There will be a little left over for the staples to hang on to. There will then be applied a very thin coating of adhesive, but not too much. The felt is laid down and stretched, in all directions, to ensure a tight fit. This will then be stapled in the same location where the rails will be reattached.

Disassembled rails are covered and reinstalled. Since the pool table is more than just good looks, a proper refelting job is more than important. Making sure the enjoyment of this game piece continues is what this is all about. Bragging rights for your selection of a interesting color or design is also in the offing.

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