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The Excellent Quality Of Pikeur Riding Clothes

By Gwen Lowe

Equestrians all over the world love the look and feel of top quality riding clothes. Many people are willing to pay a little extra for clothes that really fit and make them feel great. Confidence is a key issue, especially in the show ring and having any edge can make all the difference between winning and loosing. Those who really appreciate quality choose the Pikeur brand because they know they can rely on every item to meet or exceed their expectations.

The company is from Germany and has a long and successful tradition in the riding apparel business. They initially came to the notice of riders because of their beautifully designed dressage coats. Dressage is the most elegant of horse sports and requires many hours of training. Horse and rider work as a team and really have to have outstanding communications. Marks are also awarded for turn out and in a close competition only a few points may separate the winners from the losers. Every rider tries to get the advantage and having the very best clothes is all part of the picture.

The original piece of clothing that really made the brand famous was the dressage coat. Known as a Shadbelly this special coat is worn by all high ranking dressage riders in competition. It has a distinctive cut and long tails. Getting the style and fit just right is really difficult and once equestrians found the newly designed version they knew they were on to a winner.

The long tails are weighted to prevent them moving around. This can be a distraction to the horse or rider and may result in a loss of points. The special blend of materials has created a coat with just enough movement to make the rider comfortable. Yet the coat still maintains its classic look. Models are available to fit both men and women.

Most of the products are still made in Germany by highly skilled craftspeople. Yet buyers in the United States and all over the world are still able to order on line. The ordering process is very easy and a conversion features show the price in the local currency. Sizing in Europe is quite different to North American sizing and can be confusing. Any questions can be directed to the highly efficient customer service department who are only too happy to help.

Riding helmets are the most essential part of the wardrobe. Riding does have some dangers and every one will take a fall sooner or later. Wearing a well fitting helmet that exceeds the safety standards is the best way to protect any rider, especially a child. The company helmets are exceptionally well made and loaded with great features.

There is also a complete range of children's riding wear. Many youngster compete in shows and need a great set of clothes that will last them through the season. Parents can get everything their child needs including a highly rated safety helmet.

Products are available in many local retail stores. Shoppers can also go online to order their new clothes. Everything ships fast and urgent orders can be delivered quicker for an extra charge. Every item of the extensive range receives outstanding reviews from customers. They often comment that they were happy to pay a little extra for such a comfortable and well made item.

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