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A Faster Way to Clear Airport Security

By Gabrielle Giuffrida

Security lines at the airport have become such a hassle for passengers. Clearing airport security has become difficult due to increased security which leads to long lines and sometimes unendurable waits. The long wait times at airports make it impossible to make it to a terminal fast. It's not uncommon for someone to run late and miss their flight because they couldn't get through the security check point in time. Adding security is necessary and not the overall problem but the amount of time passengers wait on a security check point line is ridiculous especially in a large airport.

Traveling is also made uncomfortable by the procedures of the security checkpoint. Passing security to begin with is difficult. We have to pack so carefully as certain products are banned and certain sizes. Our luggage is also subject to random searches and is X-rayed. It's also comfortable removing a jacket, shoes and belts in front of strangers. While all of these precautions may be an annoyance to passengers it is it worth is to insure the safety of a plane. Each passenger even pays an extra fee that is included in their ticket to ensure that there are enough safety measures. Safe flying relies on security checks so it is crucial. However the lines to get to these security points shouldn't be so painstakingly long.

The Transportation Security Administration has recently created a Precheck program for frequent flyers. This allows passengers who are members to have an expedited screening. There will be randomized security as well but this overall means that frequent flyers won't have to deal with all of the hassles. If you're a frequent flyer this is great news but what about everyone else? This new program doesn't help out families or someone who infrequently fly's. Luckily there is one way to combat the lines at airport.

If you're trying to master clearing airport security try CLEAR. This company is working with airports to have faster lines. Register for a CLEARcard online and validate it with your passport. On travel day you simply bring the card with you and use the CLEAR security line for speedy service. This card is also available to everyone so you don't have to be a frequent flyer in order to be eligible.

Getting through airport security doesn't have to be the hassle that it once was. No one wants to wait on a long line, look into things such as CLEAR. Even if your and infrequent traveler it shouldn't have to be a project to go through security. Save yourself the headache and make it an overall better travel experience.

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