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Put Some Fun In Your Vacation With Car Hire

By Ben Reeves

Despite the fact that the purpose of a getaway is to relax and relieve yourself of duties, concerns as well as responsibilities, you get a lot more out of one by putting in a modest amount of effort. In the example of individuals visiting Gran Canaria, car hire can make the difference between a varied and memorable experience and the potential for boredom.

The Canary Islands are a particularly popular tourist destination for Northern Europeans, including Britons. It is an outstanding location to go for some winter sun because it is on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert but, as a Spanish island, has a European culture and cuisine which is at least vaguely familiar. Consequently, while even southern Europe gets cool and wet weather in winter, Gran Canaria gets only glorious sunshine for the whole year.

For some, simply having good weather is enough. Those who prefer the "sun, sea and sand" approach to selecting a holiday destination could possibly get all of that on Gran Canaria, with the additional bonus that getting common foods is guaranteed and the local populous will talk in a language which is widely known. Some, however, get bored of spending the duration of their holiday around the same pool area or on the same beach.

With the simple use of car hire, Gran Canaria is your oyster. There is plenty to see and do in the mountainous interior, the desert south and the stunning coastline with a number of outstanding beaches. Rather than fighting for room on a resort beach, a quick trip in a borrowed vehicle could have you taking pleasure in miles of unspoilt beach with not a single other soul around.

Naturally, it is generally easy to achieve the same degree of mobility with public transport or taxi cabs, but these are restricted because you cannot leave your belongings in them and they will not await you. If, for example, you locate that stretch of seaside for yourself (which would be a small miracle if you were using public transport), getting back to the resort again relies upon when the next bus will come or when - if at all - you can flag down the next cab. You might find yourself with a very long walk home ahead of you.

With car hire, Gran Canaria and her charming cities, fantastic geography and wealth of options for the tourist with a little bit of a sense of adventure are at your disposal. You can still get the sun, sea and sand, but you can also add other important aspects for your list, including "fun".

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