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What To Know About Carnival Employment

By Marissa Potter

Jobs are scarce due to the economy. Many of the blue-collared jobs have been eliminated and businesses use only the minimal amount of employees to get the work done. But, thinking outside the box can help you get a job when you need it the most. Most people may not consider carnival employment as a viable job. Working on a cruise ship provides lots of opportunity that many do not know.

Something important to consider about this working on a cruise liner would be your health. Many people have motion sickness and if you work on the ship, it can become worse. Seasickness, however, can be easily countered with medicine and therapy. If you can counteract this minor condition, you may want to consider a job on the ship that is known as engineering. Engineers help to maintain and steer the ship and the rights way.

Maintenance, officers, and deckhands are just a few of the other positions that help the ship maintain its integrity. Many of these employees assist with the sailing of the ship, checking the motors, and keeping the decks clean. Most of them are also responsible for assuring that the cruise liner follows the regulations of the maritime laws and any other stipulations.

Being on a party ship opens up a vast amount of opportunities for anyone. More than likely, these cruise liners tend to have bars, restaurants, and entertainment. With those features open to consumers, you know they will need bartenders, dancers, musicians, and restaurant staff. The only thing to remember with this opportunity is that you may be at sea for weeks at a time.

Other areas on a cruise ship consist of gift shops or concession stands. In these cases, several cashiers are needed to help with the sales of these thrift items. You will also be in charge of stocking items when the ship is in dock, moving items to clearance, alternating items and helping consumers. This is a great way to make use of those sales clerk skills and travel at the same time.

Jobs that are more exotic consist of DJs, casino staff, and exotic dancers. This is because many cruise liners tend to have entertainment for their guests and passengers. The reason they do this, besides from traveling to destinations, is that they wish to have repeat customers for their cruise ships.

As a videographer or photographer, you can also make some good cash working on a cruise ship. This is because many people that take these cruises will want to have memories of their adventure. Therefore, many of the cruise liner companies will hire videographers and photographers in order to offer such services to they are passengers.

Cruise ships offer so many versatile jobs; it seems that carnival employment is the last thing on a person's mind. However, if you have any trouble getting one of these jobs on land, try applying at your local cruise liner. You may be surprised at what opportunities lay before you.

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