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Two Very Popular Gay Travel Destinations

By Bernard Miner

Homosexuality is much more widely acceptable this day in age. Same sex couples are very common and many people share their beliefs that it is their right to be able to love whomever they choose. They are people to and deserve to enjoy the same fruits in life as everyone else. Vacations are something that everyone needs and enjoys. These are a few very popular gay travel destinations.

There was a time when same sex couples were not welcome in many locations. Feeling welcomed in an environment is very crucial to having a fun and relaxing getaway. It is unconstitutional to discriminate people due to their sexual orientations. The world today has come to realize this fact.

One travel destination that has always welcomed people no matter what and who they are is Miami, Florida. Miami is rich with cultural diversity and accepting individuals. Its beaches are renowned for having the most beautiful looking people in the world, all of which are scantily clad. The beaches themselves are also beautiful.

Two things that Miami is especially famous for are its beaches and nightclubs. The beaches are filled with the most beautiful people wearing the smallest swimsuits. The night is fully alive with drinks and dancing at the many nightclubs available.

San Francisco, California is a very unique and beautiful place to live and visit. It is home to one of the largest gay populations in the world and is very welcoming and inviting. The area is loaded with multicultural influences in architecture and art.

There is also a lot of things to do and see in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is truly a remarkable thing for anyone to see. Alcatraz prison is a very imposing and interesting tour to take. Food lovers will be able to eat in world renowned restaurants operated by the best chefs of today. San Francisco is very well known for its culinary expertise.

These two very popular gay travel destinations are sure to never disappoint. These areas have always accepted everyone no matter what their preferences and desires may be. Both locations are hot spots for activists and protesters to speak out. While on vacation there is a good chance you will be able to show your support for all those who are gay and proud.

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