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A Mauritius Wedding You Will Remember Forever

By Keith Howard

A UK wedding can set you back thousands of pounds after you take all the various requirements into consideration. In order to have the perfect day, you will have to book a cake, the suits for the groom and best man, the bridal dress and dresses for the bridesmaids, the cars and of course the reception with food and maybe wine for the table. This all adds up and more so if you have a large family to invite. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that weddings on tropical shores have become very popular these days.

For those interested in tropical weddings, Mauritius is a great choice because it is situated in the Indian Ocean and that means that the weather is almost guaranteed to be good no matter what time of year you want to get married. Here you will find pristine white sandy beaches coupled with the turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean and this provides the perfect wedding setting.

If you choose to get married in Mauritius then you will also be able to have a wonderful holiday. Many couples who choose Mauritius for their wedding ceremony will also combine it with a trip to another destination such as Africa or Seychelles for example so they get to experience two fabulous destinations.

Holidays to Mauritius are really popular so having your wedding here means that your close family and friends have an excuse to visit one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet. White sandy beaches, lush green rainforests and friendly locals are all reasons why Mauritius is a great choice for such a happy occasion.

There are a number of fantastic resorts in Mauritius that will cater for your big day. In fact, many of them have wedding planners on hand to help ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. These professional planners are used to arranging weddings and will be able to create a wonderful setting where you can say your vows.

Another thing that people seem to worry about when it comes to having their wedding abroad is the cost but the reality is that even getting married somewhere exotic like Mauritius will not be as expensive as a wedding at home. One of the big costs for a wedding at home is the honeymoon so combining the actual wedding with the honeymoon will greatly reduce the overall costs. That is why so many people do this these days. And when you have a party travelling with you, most of these resorts will reduce the price for you.

When it comes to holidays to Mauritius there is plenty to do so your guests will find something to entertain them throughout the day and evening with entertainment provided by the resort as well as a number of land or water based activities.

For perfect weddings, Mauritius really does tick all the boxes. You can be guaranteed perfect weather and that means you are bound to have wonderful photos. In fact, many of the resorts that cater for weddings will have a professional photographer on hand as part of your wedding package to ensure your photos are exquisite. A wedding in Mauritius will be one you will remember forever.

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