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Fly Clear: A Good First Impression

By Rob Sutter

To put it plainly, I do not like flying on planes. Don't get me wrong: I'm not exactly scared of heights and I don't dislike being around other people to great extents. What I don't like are the preliminaries that preface the actual boarding of the plane. If I didn't have to deal with things like checking through security lines which seemingly go on for miles, then there's no doubt in my mind that I'd be more inclined to fly. This is why I'm happy to say that the fly clear method did me a world of good.

More companies such as CLEAR should exist because this simple idea of convenience for the passenger as well as the worker is astounding. Before I go into vast detail about how I was able to fly clear, I feel as though some background information is in order. I had to fly down to Florida a couple of summers ago in order to visit family that I don't typically get to see. I had no problem with actually enduring plane travel and even the ticket prices were moot in comparison to the tired procedures that occur before settling down in my seat.

It's almost as if the CLEARcard in my hand was the ticket to the fly clear lane, at least in the figural sense. It was so simple actually using the card as well. I stepped forward to the kiosk that was set in the airport and once I stood in front of it, it wasn't long until the CLEARcard in question was put to use and my biometric information was taken. It was like the most detailed ID check known to man as I was able to pass through without any problems standing in my way.

What stunned me, more so than anything else, was how cost-efficient the account was in the long run. I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's Degree and my student loans are a major concern for me, so I was curious as to whether or not a CLEAR account was in my future. This is why that I am happy to say that CLEAR presented a price point that was not only attractive but affordable when taking into consideration my other responsibilities. It was a time-worthy, as well as money-worthy, commitment that paid off.

I more than enjoyed my stay at Florida and while I hope another chance to do so comes around next year, the flight itself was great on all counts. The fly clear method worked very nicely for me and what surprises me the most was that for as too good to be true as it seemed, it was very much true. The security lines, which I dread the most when it comes to airports, were practically nonexistent in the grand scheme of things. The truth of the matter was that I took a chance with CLEAR and it paid off very nicely.

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