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Having an Unusual Holiday in UAE

By Jessica Smith

UAE or the United Arab Emirates has been a hot spot for vacations in the most recent years. UAE is a bunch of 7 emirates governed by a fresh emir but brought together under a single president. There are several natural and manmade wonders that provide for lots of entertainment to the travellers in UAE. Mentioned below is a list of the different activities that can be enjoyed by the tourists:

1. Beach hopping: UAE is famous for the amount of beaches it has. It is the shangri la of any beach lover as they can relax on the beaches without a care in the world for a while. A good car rental Dubai service will be able to suggest some good beaches to pass some time at.

2. Shopping: Dubai shopping holiday is a world famous event that happens each year. But that's not the only option available to the holiday makers. There are multiple malls scattered across UAE which are well provisioned and aesthetically designed.

3. Ship cruises: Ship cruises across the Dubai stream can be made availed of as well. There are regular ship cruises that may be taken throughout the day. Dinner cruises may also be prepared which may help enjoy viewing the look of town decked up with lights while enjoying a luxurious meal.

4. Desert Safari: Nowadays, desert safaris are regarded as equal to UAE tourism. Desert Safari and dune whacking will satisfy the need of any adventure loving visitor.

5. Architectural tourism: UAE houses some of the finest architectural beauties that can be found around the world. The cluster of old age monuments, mosques and the sky scraper buildings will be a good sources of pleasure for any traveller who enjoys architecture. In addition, Dubai now homes Burj Khalifa, the planet's biggest building and the Palm Islands, the most important man made islands.

6. Hot air balloon rides: UAE tourism makes sure the travellers are also provided an opportunity to enjoy the city sights from a higher altitude. Hot air balloon rides permits the tourists to find out how a well engineered city manages to exist alongside massive expanses of desert land.

7. Food tourism: UAE offers the gastronomically inclined tourist an opportunity to relish food belonging to different cuisines.

These are just few of the entertainment options that UAE offers to the tourists, regardless of the budget they're on. Employing a reputed car rental Dubai service will ensure that these places and activities can be enjoyed effortlessly.

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