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Mission work in Cameroon

By Penelope India Brown

Cameroon is located in west-central Africa close to the Gulf of Guinea. Popular for its diverse range in culture, weather conditions and position, it is also referred to as "Africa in miniature". Cameroon's tribal communities possess their own authentic cultural kinds.

They rejoice, births, harvests, losses and different spiritual rites. Entertainment and social gathering form an integral part of the daily life of Cameroonians. Folk tales, ceremonies, social interactions are regular programs. They have all types of musical instruments, drums and flutes simply being the most famous.

The friends and family in Cameroon get together for one-course substantial food frequently in the evenings. The main food relies upon the tribes, but rice and yams, cassava, maize, potatoes, fufu (cous-cous) are a part of everyday food regimen. Palm wine and millet beer are beloved beverages.

Arts and crafts are an attraction to Cameroon. They are useful for sacrosanct and business products. The prevalent faith is Christianity, but nevertheless there are quite a few traditional and spiritual communities scattered over the region. Education is poor in Cameroon. Agriculture and Husbandry are major occupations in Cameroon.

Reasons why you should Volunteer in Cameroon? The most significant obstacles in Cameroon are correlated with poor structure, mediocre literacy, orphanages, shortage of healthy food, etc. Considerable educational facilities in Cameroon presently have overcrowded courses and need to have more well-versed mentors. The orphan children seek love, attention, mentoring and assistance with guidance. Rendering boys and girls with the essential relevant skills they really need in life, will guide them on their journey to a self-made future and free them from poor standards of living, provide with the similar alternatives that other young children already have.

Volunteering: You can volunteer for foster child homes in Cameroon. Teaching is a good decision. Topics like English, Mathematics, Science, Computer skills, dance, music, games, sports, arts and crafts really need experienced skills which the natives quite often are short as a consequence of the literacy rate.

Furthermore, helping the local farmers with their products is another way. The area sometimes belong to the local orphanages through which kids produce their own food. You can help with weeding, watering, farming.

If you have a medical qualification you would be able to work for in publicizing information related to health conditions such as HIV/AIDS, malaria etc. and teaching the importance of cleanliness of surroundings. You can guide adult women with consulting, maternal care information, provide information against marital violence, consultation of foster families. There are free of cost volunteer schemes and paid volunteer schemes based on what you would like to do.

Volunteering in Cameroon will certainly be an extraordinary experience that a volunteer will always gladly be able to tell everyone about.

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