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Guide to Volunteer in Cameroon

By Penelope India Brown

Cameroon is located in west-central Africa close to the Gulf of Guinea. Popular due to its diversity in customs, weather conditions and geography, it is also referred to as "Africa in miniature". Cameroon's ethnic communities possess their own exclusive traditional forms.

They celebrate, births, harvests, passing away and other sacrosanct rituals. Music and dance are an essential part of the everyday lives of Cameroonians. Folk tales, formalities, social interactions are usual programs. They have different musical instruments, drums and flutes being the most famous.

The friends and family in Cameroon gather for main course substantial food frequently in the evenings. The main diet relies upon the tribal folks, but rice and yams, cassava, maize, potatoes, fufu (cous-cous) are included in everyday food regimen. Palm wine and millet beer are beloved refreshments.

Arts and crafts are an tourist attraction to Cameroon. They are used for religious and income generating uses. The central religion is Christianity, nonetheless there are diverse ethnic and spiritual communities scattered over the region. Education is very low in Cameroon. Husbandry and Cultivation are chief occupations in Cameroon.

Reasons why you should Volunteer in Cameroon? The greatest hassles in Cameroon are correlated with a shortage of structure, deprived schooling, orphanages, shortage of meals, etc. Quite a few institutions in Cameroon presently have overcrowded courses and require a lot more knowledgeable teachers. The orphan boys and girls need love, attention, schooling and guidance with education and learning. Giving children with the essential capabilities they need in their life will help them on their way to a self-made future and free them from poor standards of living, guide them provide with the similar chances that other young kids have.

Volunteering: You can volunteer for foster child homes in Cameroon. Coaching is a wonderful choice. Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Computer skills, dance, music, games, sports, arts and crafts need specific skills which the folks quite often are short simply because of the literacy rate.

Moreover, helping the native farmers with their products is another option. The lands generally belong to the local foster child homes through which young children growtheir own food. You can help with, watering, weeding, harvesting.

If you have a health care background you could assist in creating information related to illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, malaria etc. and informing the advantages of cleanliness of surroundings. You can guide adult females with consulting, maternal care counseling, spread important information to counter domestic violence, consultation foster guardians. There are free volunteer projects and paid volunteer plans based on what your requirements.

Volunteering in Cameroon will certainly be an exceptional life experience that a volunteer will inevitably happily tell absolutely everyone all about.

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