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The Soundtrack to your Spanish Holiday

By Catherine McCulloch

If you're planning on booking a holiday to Spain, there are plenty of reasons to go from the sun and beaches to the food and nightlife. However the music is another key part of the Spanish culture that is often overlooked. We've rounded up a guide to the sounds of Spain.

No matter where you end up during your stay in the Balearics, there's no doubt that you'll hear plenty of quintessential Spanish music at some point during your holiday. The tabor pipes, bagpipes and Jota are instruments and sounds that are mostly associated with the music genre throughout the country. However, Jota which is often played alongside traditional dancing is mostly associated with Asturias, Galicia and Murcia.

But if modern beats are on your musical radar, you will be in hands-in-the-air heaven in the clubbing hotspots of Ibiza, Tenerife and Barcelona. In fact, Ibiza was where a type of House music dubbed Balearic was born, when three UK DJs 'discovered' the sound at the islands' Amnesia nightclub in the late 1980s. Defined as an eclectic mix of fast and slower mainly instrumental beats, the sound gave rise to the Acid House movement, which continues to define the dance music genre both in Ibiza and globally to this day.

Spanish popular music is also going from strength to strength; because of the strong influence of flamenco, much of the music is defined by its guitar riffs, and is therefore popular with people of all ages. Typically this type of music is played in quintessential eateries and pubs.

If you prefer a tamer atmosphere to the raves of Ibiza, you're in luck. There are also a variety of festivals throughout the country, catering to every taste, depending on what you prefer from the link of punk and rock to jazz and pop. The festival season is mostly in the summer on both the islands and the mainland, but lasts throughout the year, so look it up before you go.

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