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Quickly Clearing Airport Security

By Pamela Chiacchiaro

The amount of time that we spend standing on airport security lines is the amount of time that we could have used to do something productive. But still we must stand like cattle within the boundaries awaiting our turn to be pushed and sorted trough. In the eyes of guards, we are just a few more bodies that need to be scanned before their lunch break. Long lanes at security check points can sometimes cost people their flight because some flyers really do have the misfortune of waiting too long and missing their flight. But with ClearMe, you can actually flyclear of those crazy long lines.

ClearMe is a new and specially designed security lane at airports. Its service is available at two airports in Denver and Orlando, and it is looking to expand its kiosks. Members of ClearMe have the opportunity of bypassing those ridiculously long security lines, ensuring a pleasant experience instead of a hasty and stressful one. There are multiple benefits in having a CLEARcard, according to the ClearMe website. These benefits include speedy security checks with time estimates of how long it would take. The card also offers 360 days memberships. It only costs $179 for a years worth of unlimited use, with the option of adding a family member.

The ClearMe process is a piece of pie. You simply find a ClearMe kiosk in the airport, insert your CLEARcard, and give your biometrics which is either your fingerprint or iris image. Admittedly, this sounds a tad futuristic but that is a cool thing. proceeding the kiosk, there are the ClearLanes, which are the security lanes in which you go through in order to zip past everyone else on the slow lines.

With ClearMe, you can steer clear of long lines and watch the disappointed faces of the people waiting. Clearing airport security in a positive and efficient manner is the best way to fly. Who needs or wants to freak when they are trying to go on vacation? Not a great way to that Bermuda vacation. ClearMe will preserve peoples' sanity by not having to worry about arriving at the airport late and potentially missing the flight. Just zip on through in the ClearLane and stop on the plane stress free.

ClearMe really has the potential to change airport security in efficient and positive ways. At a reasonable expense, anyone can have the opportunity to avoid long and annoying security lines.

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