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Basic Details Concerning A Hotel

By Dominic Benjamin

A hotel is a facility that allows people to stay for short-term lodging. Most travelers use these facilities while away from home. In the past, these simply included a bed, small table, cupboard and washing area. Now, many rooms feature amenities such as free breakfast, air conditioning, bathrooms, alarm clocks, safes, miniature bars, appliances for making coffee or tea, a telephone and a television. Additionally, many package together their lodging, flight and car rental for trips through various booking websites.

There are many different kinds of hotels. Usually these lodging facilities vary by function, cost and size. The main types: limited service, extended stay, upscale luxury, destination club, select service, timeshare and full service.

Always read reviews and check ratings that were given by people who have stayed at these facilities. As a guest, you should be comfortable with what is being provided and it should work with the itinerary for the trip. Most places will make arrangements to fit the need of a guest. This may include free or cheap shuttle service to or from the airport or early check in or check out times.

Historic types are given this title because they have hosted notable events or persons in the past. An example would be the Schloss Cecilienhof in Germany, which is best known for hosting the Postdam Conference of World War II that Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and other political figures attended. There is also the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower located in Mumbai, famously associated with the Indian independence movement. These facilities may earn this recognition from a special beverage or dish, or through popular movies and music.

This may be considered unique for the features it has. An example would be tree house hotels, which are situated inside of living trees. Bunker types are named after the old nuclear bunkers that have been modernized and are included in the facilities. Other non-traditional kinds: ice and snow, capsule, underwater, shoe, garden, boutique and cave.

A resort kind is designed to provide more than the typical lodging experience. These places usually include a casino or environment that offers visitors more than one entertainment attraction. The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada has an abundance of these facilities. Railway companies are responsible for railway hotels, places set up for those traveling by train. These are not common in the United States but can be found in many other parts of the world.

A motel or motor hotel, is a place that is designed for extremely short stays, usually just one evening. People who are taking long journeys are known to frequent them. They are designed with direct access from the parking lot to the room and are usually located near major roads.

Although some consider a hotel a permanent or semi-permanent home, a lot of people use the lodging places for short trips away from home. These facilities have improved with time and now feature many amenities and extras to make the stay of a guest more comfortable. In advance of booking a room, perform a hotels search and read customer reviews. Select a place that fits all of your needs. Some sites allow people to bundle together their travel services, which often means finding a flight and car rental service for travelers.

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