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Sharjah Greets You

By Jessica Smith

Whether or not you are planning the trip or already unpacking you can spend the ideal family vacation in Sharjah. For a relaxing vacation in Sharjah, tourists definitely need to lodge at the most comfortable hotels of the city.To make a holiday in Sharjah extremely pleasurable, tourists have to sample the delicacies of the city. The restaurants offer everything from the district Arabic fare to the acrid Indian curries.

Never hardly interesting trip is waiting for you in this magnetic town. You want simply 2 things: wish and a good camera. Sharjah is an interesting mix of old and new. It has one of the U.A.E's most popular conventional markets the Blue Souk together with a smattering of ultra-modern shopping malls. Overall, Sharjah is a green city with a number of large and engaging parks both in and just outside the town limits. A good way to start and get an appreciation of the area with car rental Abu Dhabi airport.

The Corniche. Here you can pass fashionable mosques the Sharjah Fort the heritage area the humanities area and The Museum of Islamic Culture. This can also give you a glance of the district fisherman and the pleasing sights of the boats on the crystal-clear waters. Behind The Corniche are the plentiful Souqs.

Sharjah also boasts engaging green parks where any person can enjoy a walk and escape from the busy city. Sports lovers will be spoiled choice-wise with nearly every activity available. If you are resident or visiting for a longer time you may be interested in attending the excellent cultural awareness program run by Sharjah Museums Dept.

The core content covers topics of heritage and customs including nationwide dress food and drinks, humanities, dance, songs festivals and celebrations. From Oct to June these are held on the 1st Sat. of every month at the Sharjah Heritage Museum.

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