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Discover How Beautiful The Mayan Ruins Are

By Linda Patterson

Everyone would love to see unique and eye-catching architectural designs. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, there are so many buildings that you could see that would really catch your attention just like the different buildings in every country that would attract tourists. Mayan pyramids are the pride of the Mayan people. They were able to build without the help of technology. These pyramids were built without metal and electrical machines but only with their advancement in science.

It is among the many reasons why these pyramids are world class tourist attraction aside from its impressive architecture. It is also different from the pyramids in Egypt which usually have rounded edges; the Mayans do not have this except for the Pyramid of the Prophets.

The Mayan Pyramids

The Mayan pyramids were built with different purposes and function compared to the pyramids of Aztecs and that of the Egypt. The general purpose of these pyramids of the Mayans were to be the venue of religious functions rituals and as landmarks since it is built in the jungle and the top would standout. The pyramids of the Aztecs usually have two or more temples build at the top while the pyramids of the Mayans would generally consist of only one. It is the different cultural influences among the Mayan Cities and of the other native civilizations serve as the primary reason for the difference in designs and purposes of the pyramids.

Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, and Mexico are the 5 different present day political countries which composed the Mayan world. Some of the civilizations that had an impact on the Mayans were the Olmecs, Aztecs, as well as Totonaca. There are 40 different dialects that are even spoken even up to the present.

The pyramids of each great city reflect the diversity of culture and society such as the one found in Copan, Honduras, and Chichen Itza. In the opposite of Yaxha, you will find a ruin site named Topoxte which are miniature pyramids. It is believed that it is built in honor of the Duendes or the elves in the region because they believed that they are the ones who keep the jungle safe from bad spirits and destruction.

Lots of majestic places and adventure awaits you in the different cities of the Mayans such as their pyramids and ruins. You can book yourself with organized tours with tour operators. Seeing these Mayan ruins will remind you of the rich culture and brilliant minds of the Mayans.

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