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Understanding The Santa Catalina Delightful Allure

By Tyler Ramos

Located on the Gulf of Chiriqui within Veraguas state, Santa Catalina was once a sleepy fishing village that had been unexplored until the seventies. A few adventurous surfers who kept the location a secret to protect its exclusivity for quite some time made the discovery. Today it still maintains that exclusivity considering that the nearest location with an ATM machine is about an hour's drive away.

It is often billed as one of few treasures on earth that has some of the best surfing spots and the point of access that is closest is Isla Coiba. The main street leads down to the beach offering a huge assortment of activities that one can indulge in including surfing, fishing, and scuba diving. These activities are discussed in more depth in the following paragraphs.

Surfing enthusiasts will appreciate the height and strength of the waves and in particular the seasoned individuals. Novices have the choice of Estero where they can horn their skills by taking on the small but consistent waves connected to one of sandiest beaches for relaxation. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting between one of the many surf camps available.

In order to get a better view of different varieties of sea life available at your disposal consider scuba diving. You have the chance to see and glow in the beauty of crabs, eels, lobster, and other life forms that live on the reefs and beautifully curved corals in startling colors. One of the best advantages of this location is that you are more probable to run into an unexplored part of these waters making the trip down there well worth it.

Fishing is another popular activity that for both novices and experts offering an abundance of a quality catches on each such expedition. You are also likely to witness large armies of seabirds that dive-bomb for injured fish bait that has been pushed to the surface by schools of tuna. The region has such abundance because of the warm weather that is the perfect abode for migrating fish from the winters in both hemispheres.

Eco tours are popular throughout the region and include day and night trips to and from the Coiba Island these are run by local businesses. Some of the activities include guided as well as own driven tours of the island using Kayaks provided by international companies in the area. The businesses also offer a variety of other services including yoga massages and advance planning and booking is advised for best pleasure and relaxation.

Bird watchers have an endless variety of birds to observe and the tours can be organized through your preferred travel agency and local business people. Parrots are a regular sight among the hills as well as other different exotic bird species like the scarlet macaw. Coiba Island is a protected and preserved natural sanctuary and national park under UNESCO.

To get to Santa Catalina one has to be prepared to take a trip on road from Panama City. Trip will lead you from to Santiago from city and then into Sona which will lead you to this gem of a town. Consult with a local travel guide for directions on getting there to avoid getting lost.

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