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To Fly Clear and Have Financial Stability

By Rob Sutter

I know that it's hard to invest money into something that may not turn out to be the best choice in the financial sense. After all, there's an element of risk involved and you don't know if a certain act will entail the worthless tossing away of money. In order to fly clear, this risk may be necessary. However, be certain that the risk is worth the reward and the reward of bypassing airline security is just within the horizon for you.

Just so that you can fly clear, you'll be pleased to see that the initial sign-up process is pretty painless. If you have access to the Internet, which you most likely already do, you can sign up right on the company's website. After that preliminary effort is taken care of, your next step is to go to a participating airport where you can find CLEAR and its services. Once there, you present your passport and valid ID and you are granted your very own CLEARcard in return; now you're set to go.

Considering just how simple the signup process can be, you may be wondering about the pricing. Well, the pricing itself amounts to $179 per year in order to bypass security in airports. While many people may find this to be a bit steep, you have to take into account just how many people fly from one place to another as a form of travel. Considering that, it could potentially be worth the investment if you use planes as a means of getting around.

More than the costing, in my opinion, is the theory that there are simply not enough airports that implement the services of CLEAR. This, to me, is a totally valid point because I think that it's essential to have more than one eligible airport within a particular radius. How worth it will it seem to someone who can only use one airport since that's the place they live near by or there's not another airport which accepts the method? This will definitely be amended in due time, though.

Having said all of this, I still advocate that you look into this method if you pride yourself on utilizing airlines as your means of travel. Over the years, it's become a constant need to get to your seat swiftly since we, as people, seem to want everything immediately. For that very sense of instantaneousness, I can certainly see the fly clear method come into play. I think that it can pick up steam soon enough, just as long as the number of airports grows and the amount of interest never declines.

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