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The Flyclear Method & Its Progression in Time

By Rob Sutter

Virtually every business in the world begins small. After all, not everyone can be at the top of the food chain right away; companies are going to have to work towards that spot and be unrelenting in the process. One company has supposedly taken the lives of flight guests everywhere by storm and it has resulted in a saving of minutes that have gone into the millions at this point. This program is known as the flyclear method and it has been used at great length.

A number of years in the past, the flyclear method was used primarily in airports seen across both Denver and Colorado. However, that number has expanded to great lengths, so the amount of eligible locations have grown since that point. CLEAR has brought this very method into airports in San Francisco and Westchester, to name a couple. To the surprise of perhaps no one, the method worked well.

The process to sign up for a CLEARcard has also grown in the sense that it is now easier than ever to get your hands on said card. The first step involves guests having to submit personal information, ranging from social security numbers to driver's license information. Once this is conducted, the potential consumer will have to go to a CLEAR Enrollment Station where a worker will verify all of the information that was supplied to them and then some. Only then will a passenger be on his or her way.

The card that is given to passengers also seems like it had gone through a process regarded as futuristic. Unlike most other ID cards you may have, this card contains a substantial amount of information that will help to verify your identity at any CLEAR kiosk. The card houses your biometric information and the kiosk itself scans your facial features in order for it to confirm who you are. There may not be another set of security measures more detailed than this.

CLEAR managed to move forward with the times as technology became more robust but I argue that it's had tech all its own. Let's be truthful here: do you know of a large number other air travel gadgets that house files exclusive to it? It'd be easy for anyone to take hold of your ID and use it for their purposes, thereby indirectly landing you in legal trouble. Just know that you're protected with this system and the number of airports continuously expanding, this is something that constant passengers may not want to miss out on.

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