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What Others Think of the Flyclear Method

By Rob Sutter

I feel like any company can boast about its many successes. After all, it's not exactly difficult to say that you have been part of a remarkable company for a set amount of years and you can do precisely that for as long as you'd like. What possesses more weight than anything else, though, is what the customer thinks about the product. There are many that have used the flyclear method and each of them has been satisfied by what they paid for.

The flyclear method is one that has shaved a great amount of time off of the waiting period that a passenger would have experienced. CLEAR understands that you have to get to your plane on time. As a result, this particular method allows you the opportunity to do so. All of that time that would have been spent waiting on line otherwise can now be used to perform small tasks from your very seat on the plane before it takes off.

This very model gained more than its fair share of press over the course of time it's been in action, too. For illustration, the New York Times talked about it and the man who utilized the method is Tim Ferris. According to Ferris, the system was a "must-have" for anyone looking to get around by plane and in a well-timed manner at that. According to his blog, he said that it was, "worth 10x the price." It goes to show just how swiftly this can pay for itself.

Having the chance to clear airport security should be something that is jumped on by just about anyone looking into air travel. How much of a trouble is it for you to stand around while hours upon hours of your time are being wasted? I think the 21 million and over minutes that have been saved is the greatest evidence to show. International airports in San Fransisco, Orlando, Dallas and others belong to a small group of eligible buildings but who's to say that amount will stay small for much longer?

If you want to join up, it's actually quite simple through the magic of the Internet. The initial sign-up process handled on CLEAR's website is comparatively quick and once you're done with that, you're eligible for your own CLEARcard. This can be gained in any of the contributing airports once you show legitimate ID along with your passport. Once this is done, you are handed your card and you will be on your way to flying clear and saving time in the process.

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