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What is a Hookah Bar?

By John McCree

During the last decade hookahs have started gaining a lot of recognition in the U.S. A hookah bar is a business establishment where people come with their buddies to enjoy a "hookah". There are many Hookah bars in towns in the U.S.

Short History

The source of hookah can be traced back to five centuries in what was then referred to as the Subcontinent. Making its way through Iran and into Turkey it experienced an increase of popularity among Turkish upper class and began to spread much more swiftly down through Lebanon and Syria and finally to Egypt, therefore, the hookah bar is heavily linked to the Middle East. These businesses became places where customers would socialize, drink coffee, and talk about politics and local events with a relaxing hookah session.

What Does A Hookah Bar Seem Like?

Bars that are designed to imitate the place of origin of hookah have generally Arab people operating them. The furnishings are according to the Middle Eastern culture of Indian culture. A few bars only offer hookah. Several, however, provide coffee, soft drinks, and snacks at a minimum. A small bar typically does not have a liquor license and so they do not serve alcohol. But the large bars which are in very populated areas serve wine, beer along with other cocktails. It's not uncommon to see belly dancers, live bands, or DJs in the more trendy urban hookah bars as they look like a "night club" more closely than a neighborhood social establishment.

Near college campuses, hookah bars tend to be more casual with a wide mix of patrons, including students obviously. The trend has become common as a safer substitute for other kinds of smoking. Also, as college years are usually a time of new experiences, frequent social interaction, and building solid connections, the hookah lounge lends itself well to college life. There has been a spike in the number and popularity of hookah bars in cities, which are famous for their secondary education institutions in the U.S.

The Mysterious Hookah

Now you must be thinking what a hookah is? What is so special about this device that it is becoming popular all around the world. Legend has it the hookah was initially made in 1588 by a Persian physician in the Indian court. The Indians called the device as a "huqqa", a title which has stayed with it throughout history, even though it is referred to as many other names like "nargile," "shisha," and "hubble-bubble" to name a few.

Whilst the primitive hookah looked much different, possibly made of coconut shells, the end result has always been the same: purify and cool the smoke by passing it through water before inhalation. A simple hookah has the following four parts:

1. Bowl - to hold the tobacco.

2. Body - the smoke passes from the body and reaches the water basin.

3. Water Basin - contains the water to purify and cool the smoke. Purified smoke stays in the chamber above the water until it is inhaled from the hose.

4. Hose - when the purified smoke reaches the chamber, the smoker breathes in deeply from the hose connected into the water basin. The hose can be up to many meters long.

The above system provides the smoker calming and aromatic smoke.

A senior patron of a well-known hookah business in turkey said:

"Company matters more than what you put in a pipe when you're smoking. It's a whole experience. All sorts of people, old, young and interesting come to bars such as this one. Hookahs bars will remain in the world as long as people want to take out time to enjoy the company of their good friends."

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