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Female Midlife Crisis At A Glance

By April Heath

It is no joke when a woman goes through a female midlife crisis. Many things that happen during this time are very strange and sometimes no explanation can be given. Medical doctors have tried to give advice on this subject but there is just no possible cure for this event. Women will also go through periods of depression that seem to overtake their existence.

Sometimes a woman may find herself trying to purchase clothing that is entirely different from the styles that she will normally wear. These outfits may include mini skirts or low cut blouses. When this happens she is simply trying to go back to her youth. This was a time that gave her more freedom to dress as she wished instead of dressing as others expected her to.

Many mothers and loving wives face this horrible trauma each and every day. People find it quite odd that they would display this kind of behavior since the care of many homes falls solely on them. She is showing her hatred for all things that have become part of her normal life while wearing these outlandish clothes.

Having a few more drinks than normal may also be part of her everyday routine. At times she may even smoke grass to get a very uplifting feeling. Individuals who face many problems will usually turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape. These substances take you into a fantasy world that has no responsibilities.

Many women may also find themselves sneaking out of the house to meet strange men. They will hang out more at local bars and will try to pick up hot young guys who could pass for their son. Some of them may even take on several new lovers since their sexual appetite has now grown with age. The relationships that are developed between these men are purely sexual and there is no real love involved at all.

A family who has to live with this person will have to look forward to many fights and constant arguments. Ladies who are living through this trauma enjoy abusing their families since she will blame them for all of her problems. Her children will feel a great distance between them and their mother during this time.

Eating at all hours of the night will become a regular routine. The many comfort foods available at the local store will become her newest bed partner. People know that chocolate gives the same stimulation as sex once it is eaten. Many of these women have husbands who work constantly and when he returns home sex is the last thing on his mind.

A female midlife crisis may also bring you closer to the church. Women going through this event will find themselves more involved in religion since it is usually the last resort for happiness. Preachers will tend to counsel these ladies more than a medical doctor. Individuals may attend church settings which allows them to make lasting bonds with other members.

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