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Travelling to Spain? Listen to David Bisbal

By Emily Collins

While America might have given us some of the world's biggest stars from Britney to Madonna it's a wonder that we don't know more about the musicians and stars from elsewhere in the world. Take Spain for instance, the language trails behind Mandarin, English and Hindu as the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, yet very few of us are aware of the destinations greatest singers.

With an estimated 392 million speakers, Spanish is the primary language in pretty much all of the countries in Central and South America, not to mention Cuba, the USA and of course Spain itself. Today we introduce to you one of Spain's most successful musicians so that the next time you snap up one of those great hotel deals to visit a Spanish-speaking nation, you will know who you are listening to on the radio and be able to impress the locals.

David Bisbal is one of Spain's biggest stars. He was born on the Costa Almeria in 1979 an area known for having the hottest temperatures in Spain. The stunning beaches of this region are a lot less busy than the popular Spanish destinations of the Costa Blanca and Costa Dorada and make for a wonderful retreat.

Although originally finding fame on a reality TV show, David Bisbal has since gone on to sell a ludicrous amount of records worldwide; 35 of which have received platinum status, 17 gold status and two diamond status. He has been celebrated numerous times at the Latin Grammys taking home prestigious awards including "Best New Artist" and "Best Pop Album" and has dueted with some of the world's biggest stars including Jessica Simpson and Rihanna.

Bisbal has achieved huge popularity across Latin America, as well as in England, Germany, Belgium, Russia and even as far away as Japan - which goes someway towards explaining the global recognition received.

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