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Is Green Card Lottery A Boon Or A Curse For People

By Flora Vinson

Green card lottery is a US program mandated by the congress for having a permanent resident card for living in the US. It is an opportunity for potential immigrants to become an abiding and lawful resident of the United States.

This strategy runs each year and provides 55 thousand cards to candidates selected randomly using a draw procedure. This draw is aimed at diversifying the actual immigrant density in the USA. It was permitted by choosing most candidates from nations with reduced rates associated with immigration towards the US within the prior 5 years.

To meet the requirements to make an application for the draw, you should be native of the country having lower number of immigrations towards the US. You have to also satisfy the education including the work encounter requirement. Diversity lottery plan is motivated to provide a chance of immigration for people of different countries.

Education needs are fulfilled by just some official courses associated with study. Equivalency records or distance learning programs tend to be unacceptable. A qualified person can enter the program even though he has opted to join up for a good immigrant visa within another class.

Some people are of the opinion that it is not fair that only few random folks from different parts of the world are chosen and are given permanent residence status in the US. Many of those folks may not be skilled workers or well educated. However, a highly skilled worker who comes to US on an H1 visa has to wait many years and go through complicated procedures with no short cuts to the green cards.

An expression immigrants refer simply to folks immigrated by means of employment, sponsored by family or perhaps immediate relatives of their US person. Some folks think it is never a good US immigration method. Therefore, it really is difficult to choose whether such green card lottery is any boon or even a curse for the society.

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