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The Wii U & How Flyclear Gets It Right

By Rob Sutter

As an avid gamer, I'm always happy to observe the release of a new console and see just what it can offer likened to just about everything else on the market. November 18th, 2012 is going to stand as the day that the Wii U launched in North America. While I was initially excited, and still am, I can't help but feel like there were clear quality issues that were frustrating to disregard. It seemed like if I had to choose between it and the flyclear method that gets me to my flight quickly, I would pick the latter.

The flyclear method is one that has a great amount of value for what you pay. It may seem like a lot now, especially since you haven't truly utilized the inner workings of it so early. Just be patient, though; before long, you are going to find that CLEAR had a great idea in mind since you will be able to bypass security in no time at all. In terms of value, the method pays for itself, which is something that I cannot see the Wii U doing, considering just how mixed the reviews and opinions were for it.

The Nintendo Wii U was released in North America this week and it was a system that has been widely awaited. This is probably why so many people were surprised by how many caveats there were in managing such a console. For illustration, did you know that it costs 50 cents to register kids onto the Nintendo Network? While I am all for security procedures that keep children out of mature-rated areas, I don't think it was a brilliant idea to take monetary advantage of the consumer.

Also, is it a great value when you witness your system rendered bricked? I've seen far too many stories of people updating their consoles and having to put up with the system being bricked, which means that it is rendered absolutely useless. Yes, a console shouldn't be turned off during an update but such a consequence seems too dire for something that wasn't hacked or cheated. After spending a few hundred dollars on the console, I suppose I would be upset myself.

Deliberating on all of these things, the Wii U certainly was not well worth the money that it called for when it came into stores. With difficulties seeming to come out of every direction, I can't blame the consumer for being upset about the purchase. I don't feel like the same sense of buyer's remorse relates to the flyclear method, though. At least when I put cash down for it, I am given a service and I can be certain that there will be no bug to be had when I am taking my seat in the plane.

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