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Would Superheroes Want to Fly Clear?

By Rob Sutter

When you ponder about the many powers that superheroes have, which one immediately springs to mind before the others? If you replied "flying," then I'm sure you're not alone on the matter. It is one of the most typical seen in the fictional characters that combat evil but how often will these powerful people want to use it? I suppose they would eventually grow tired and it might be time for them to think to fly clear.

The fly clear method is one that's used by people who value their time. How many times have you gone to an airport, simply to board your plane without any trouble, and wind up spending copious amounts of time passing through security? The time spent can be quite long and CLEAR understood this when creating the method. It allows a great deal of comfort in the way of time and I am certain those who have battled against injustice time after time would find something to like about it, too.

If a superhero does have the capacity to fly about, what good would this method be when they have faster, alternative ways to travel? To most, it might not be the most logical investment. Keep in mind, though, that even beings like Superman would want to take a lazy day off. Weariness occurs in the best of us, so how could one blame Superman for wanting to board a flight as easily as a tourist dons a Hawaiian shirt?

Spider-Man is another character who can get around just fine without flying, just as long as he has buildings and obstacles that he can discharge his webbing at. Tony Stark is practically made of money, so putting on the Iron Man suit routinely would probably make more sense in the long run. However, even they would be persons who would like to take it easy from time to time. They would love to take to the air, I'm sure, but not if it means more physical action on their parts.

The fly clear system is, in a word, convenient. It allows people to pass through airport security at rapid paces, resulting in a saving of time. Superheroes may not have much use for it on the surface but you have to take into account that they are, in most cases, human as well. They may grow tired of working at times. When this happens, it might be in their best interests to let others do the traveling for them so that they can relax before the next battle comes close.

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