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The Good and Bad of Long Haul Truck Driving

By Elinor Goldsby

Even though it is a hard life, most truckers have no intention of giving up their jobs.Most of them cannot fathom the thought of having to work in a confined office space. This would put too many restrictions on the way that they like to live. For instance, working in a regular office setting requires normal 9-5 work hours. This is something that just does not appeal to the average trucker.

Truckers like to have their freedom out on the road.They might go up and down the interstates, but they travel to places that the ordinary person will never be able to go. This kind of job would really appeal to plenty of people.

When they begin to see different publications that have Peterbilt, Ford, Kenworth and western star trucks reviews on trucks that have expensive looking accommodations, then this makes the job seem even more appealing.Besides, who wouldn't want to live in a place that has great accommodations such as pull out beds, flat screen televisions and microwave ovens.

It is good bad that many new truckers are not aware of what is going on within the trucking world.Unfortunately, a lot of them end up working in jobs that are not a good fit for them. Long haul truckers have to spend many lonely days and nights away from their family.This could mean spending months away from home.They do not see the deadlines that others have to meet. They may have heard the many the stories of truckers who are sleep deprived because they are trying to meet these deadlines. Due to the fact that many trucking companies make trucking salaries seem like more than what they really are, a lot of truckers are working for very little pay.

The truck living life brings about both mental and physical complications.After years of living an abnormal lifestyle, it can lead to things such as high cholesterol, arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea and back problems.This happens because you spend many hours sitting in one position without exercising.

A lof trucks want to make things easier by applying for team driver positions. It still requires long hours, travelling plenty of miles and not seeing family for weeks and months at a time.But, another person will split the driving. You might have to split the pay also.

But this might not solve the problem.Sure, there is a second driver. However, there aren't too many people who could spend 24 hours a day in a truck Reviews with another person for weeks or months at a time, without encountering major problems.This is just getting another round of problems.Does this really solve the problem?

Finally, a truck driver has a hard life.Just ensure that you everything about the industry before you get into it.

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