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Winter season in New York City

By Markita Masser

Among the many ideas for a holiday that come in mind, one idea everybody should equip with is the Christmas season in New York City. But what are the reasons that the winter season in New York City is that popular to visit?

The Big Apple changes during the Christmas season and is a necessity for everyone U.S. citizen, that loves to go shopping. At every other period of the year, it is usually very hectic in the city but during that time the city gets a new face and astonishes with an unfamiliar warmth. It ds not matter where in the city you go, a benevolent sound surrounds you and the generated winter atmosphere conquers the hearts of the people. They are open up to travelers more than in any other period in the year.

Large malls have in the wintertime beautifully decorated glass cases and also exceptionally good articles. In addition to the huge department stores, which are a necessity in the event that you attended the Christmas season in New York, there are many excellent other places to see in New York.

A secret is still the Lower East Side. The Historic Orchard Street shopping area consists of the Delancey, Orchard Street and Grand as well as the immediate area. In this district, more than 400 diverse shops present as well as many restaurants. In this place there are special clothing, underwear, slippers, and handbags are selectively offered. On the last day of the week the streets are extremely full, especially since on the sixth day of the week they are closed, in terms of the Jewish day.

A special advice is the 5th Avenue where anyone finds a good mixture of Boutiques, which are not cheap, popular shopping centers, not major shops and attractions such as the St. Patrick's Church and the Rockefeller center.

Those who travel to New York for Christmas season should go to the Lower Plaza of the Rockefeller Center. Besides the fact that this is a good address go to shopping, the Lower Plaza changes during the Christmas season to a huge ice rink, at which entire New York City meets.

The Rockefeller Center is also home to the famous Christmas tree, which has an elevation of about 25 m; therefore it is the tallest Christmas tree in the United States. The 5th Avenue goes along with the 50th and 59th street and has a good mix of cheap Designer boutiques, prestigious department stores, small shops and attractions such as the St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Rockefeller center.

Who does not only stay for a few days for Christmas seasoning in New York City and has a little more time instead, should go in addition to New Jersey by ferry or by bus. At this location you can admire the traditional American family houses and in those front yards and their homes are piling up the Christmas lights.

The sentiment that New York is broadcasting in the Christmas wintertime is probably unique in this world. Even if someone does not enjoy the range of Christmas trees, bright lights and Santa Clauses, still feels located and protected in the city of dreams. If you are lucky, and during one of the Christmas days in New York City you will experience the first snow and see the surprised people in the Big Apple, the city that sleeps and they stop for a little while and wonder at the antics of snow. In short, it is worthwhile in any case to visit min. one time in life the Christmas season in New York.

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