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Automobiles most suitable for the shore

By Jeff Smith

Growing up near the ocean brings lots of benefits of being next to large bodies of water. Along many the shorelines in California, you can go surfing. Of course, there are such things as dip net fishing, digging for clams, or just frolicking in the surf. If you've ever spent any time near the coast, this is apparent.

Driving is another fun activity that can be done on the beach. Someone wanting to do that must face several important considerations. As the beach is surrounded by sand, you need to chose a vehicle that can handle this kind of situation.

One should be in the know that there are a lot of people on the beach. If you go driving on the beach, you have to be aware of that. There are n traffic lights or stop signs hence you need to be wary.

What are some of the best beach cars?

In addition to driving on the beach, you also drive to the beach. This means that you get your surfboards, sail boards, and everything you need in order to have fun at the beach.

Don't forget, that beach means of sand. Romp at the beach, and you're covered with sand. The car you take with you has to withstand this condition. This means that you do not have to take your family sedan having spot on carpeting to the beach.

You might want to pull up to the beach, and then just drive right on the beach. Large cars with big tires handle this situation better than smaller cars.

You might want to go with something else if your car has a low ground clearance. You might lack some room space if your car happens to get stuck in the sand. Get a car that is a bit higher off the ground if you are looking to travel through the beach.

Maybe it's not a car you want, but rather something like a Jeep Land Rover. The have good clearance, feature big tires and have four wheel drive. With that kind of equipment, or less likely to get stuck in the sand. Your car can tip off if you do not make your turns right due to their high center of gravity.

You also need to consider the number of people that you will be taking into your car. If you have a family of six in your plan on taking the two-seater out there, that probably won't work. If you want to have a lot of fun at the beach with your large family, you need the space for your equipment. I'm sure those family members don't want to hold that stuff on their laps. Therefore, for this reason you need to find a car with a big trunk or even a rack to save you this trouble.

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