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The 10 Minute Technique To Getting Better Travelers

By Douglas Perricone

How to Run an SMTP Server While Traveling

Because wireless and mobile technology has advanced so much in our society, people are finding themselves traveling for business purposes more often than ever before. While it is always great when people can instantly talk to each other at any moment, there is something to be said for traveling out to see a business client or prospective business partner. Being able to travel at will allows people to do their business transactions directly with another person. Business that is operated in a person-to-person way is going to be more productive and more profitable.

While you are out on the road, however, it becomes even more important that you can keep a connection with the home office where you work. For the most part, the best way to do this is to implement a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for your traveling workers. Despite what POP3 and web mail advocates tell you, your business will actually become less efficient if you don't have an SMTP server. There are going to be times on any trip where your workers are not able to be on the internet; when this happens, and SMTP servers still allows a person to do every email function (read, write, etc.) except actually send or receive emails. The biggest issue with POP3 or web mail servers is that you must be on the internet to even access your account; when you use an SMTP server, you are not prevented from using all the other functions that you should be able to use.

The odds are good that any workers of yours who travel are given a smart phone and either a tablet or a laptop. The hard drives and processors of each of these devices is designed to have its own SMTP server.

The simplest way to explain how a traveler's SMTP server works is to say that the program accesses the mainframe computer to get all email messages while the computer is connected to the internet. In this manner, the emails are actually saved on the computer's disk instead of on the server. The server on the computer essentially takes a snapshot of the current email state on the home server and saves this snapshot onto the traveler's computer. Even in areas without internet, your traveling workers will have access to their most recent snapshot for whatever reason they need.

A functional SMTP server is going to greatly benefit your entire company, but it will especially be a big help to the people who use it. Employees in the field who can check in on the home front have shown statistical improvement in performance and sales over those left out in the cold. If you want to get an SMTP server for your employees when they travel, just contact your standard software provider.

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