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Concerns about sailing in San Diego

By Mick Moore

1. What exactly is the boat like? Masquerade is usually a beautiful, cruise equipped Ranger 37 with lots of area inside the cockpit for entertaining and conversation. She features a substantial head (bathroom), as well as a comfy salon under.

2. Do all trips offer snacks? All trips include snacks, bottled water, and soft drinks. Having said that, for those who have unique dietary desires let me know.

3. Are you able to offer sandwiches? I can present any menu things off Subway with advance notice. Let me know what sandwiches you would like. Charge is ten dollars a sandwich for this service. For the snacks, there is no additional charge for food.

4. Exactly where do we meet you? I'll meet you at 1880 Harbor Island Dr. There's loads of absolutely free parking there. Get in touch with me after you arrive.

5. Are children permitted? Youngsters should be six years and older. Sailing with younger kids may be stressful for all concerned. All young children 13 years old and younger have to have an attendant adult and will have to put on a life jacket all the time. It's essential to supply a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket for the kid, as we usually do not provide this.

6. May possibly we bring our personal cooler with food and drinks? Definitely, yes! Please really feel free of charge to bring your very own meals in the event you want. However, Masquerade has loads of cups, plates, cutlery and napkins.

7. What do your clients do other than sight see? In open waters, I encourage persons to take the helm and function the sails. Individuals can do as significantly or as little as they like. I take pleasure in teaching persons how you can sail and I will hand you the helm for as much time as you like. Sailing on Masquerade is truly a exciting adventure!

8. Will you teach us about San Diego Bay? I've been sailing San Diego Bay for more than 30 years and know lots of the nautical information and facts, history and interesting sights. I will point out maritime rules and laws as we encounter other boats -- teaching you about right of way plus the safety troubles behind these rules. I'll point our San Diego Bay's navigation technique of buoys, the tides, currents, animals, and Naval visitors we may well encounter. I may be as informative or as quiet as you would like. I like talking about sailing in San Diego Bay!

9. Is there a cabin exactly where we can sit if we do not want to be outdoors? Yes, Masquerade can be a roomy Ranger 37 and there's ample area to sit beneath and take a break.

10. What if me or somebody in my celebration gets sea sick? That is an incredibly superior question! Those who charter yachts commonly know their own tolerance for the sea. If the waves are a bit greater than what you might be utilized to, we can keep inside the protected bay. It is best to consult your medical doctor just before taking any medications and we have found that Bonine or Dramamine taken about a half hour prior to a sail can ease any symptoms of sea sickness.

Nevertheless, by the time you feel ill, it can be as well late to take a sea sick pill, so speak with your medical professional and take any precautions prior to boarding. Still, even with taking precautions, in some cases a person will still feel under the weather. It could -- and does -- occur to all of us who sail at some time or an additional. Then, the most beneficial issue to do is to sit higher up around the cockpit and appear in the coastline. Get a good amount of fresh air and don't go beneath -- not seeing the horizon and shoreline will only make your symptoms worse!

11. What when the weather is terrible? The climate in Southern California is frequently outstanding; we know well in advance of foul weather. Nonetheless, often reservations produced ahead of time fall on bad days. If it can be raining, we are going to basically reschedule for a further time or cancel the trip and return all of your income. Sailing San Diego Bay charter operations won't force you to sail inside the rain or in poor climate.

12. What do people delight in probably the most from sailing on Masquerade? Occasionally it really is seeing nature in action: Leaping dolphins, or fat, sun lazy sea lions entwined on navigation buoys, or even whales. In some cases it truly is seeing the sun setting on an open ocean. Occasionally it is moving out of your way when a US Navy Destroyer or Carrier enters the bay. Much more generally than not it can be just becoming under your individual path with your family and friends, unwinding in the strain of daily life. Sailing San Diego Bay is definitely the location to soothe your self and just feel the wind along with the sea.

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