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Traveler Precautions For Safer Vacations To Peru

By Donna Beley

Vacations to Peru offer travelers to visit a beautiful location with plenty to enjoy, however vacationers should be aware of a few safety and security issues. Those who take precautions are unlikely to have any problems on the trip and will enjoy the vacation. However, those who are uninformed have greater chances of finding themselves in a dangerous situation.

Taxis make the easiest and fastest ways to get around in most cities. The safest choice is to use a taxi operated by a reputable company and not one owned by an individual. The staff at the hotel, airport or tourist office can recommend the companies that are officially licensed. Ask a staff member with official identification to help arrange rides. If one must use an unknown taxi, write down its registration number and be sure valuables are concealed.

Traveling by bus is very common between cities and towns of this nation. It is best to avoid bus travel at night due to the higher number of accidents. Unless arrangements have already been made for the place you will stay, avoid arriving in a new town or city at night. Keep any carry-on backpacks or bags around your feet and arms. Also make sure to check for your bags anytime cargo is unloaded below the bus.

Do not carry large amounts of cash. Use credit or debit cards to withdraw more cash as it is needed from local banks or ATM machines. They are located in all towns and cities, but may not be in the smaller villages or remote areas. Use credit cards for purchases wherever possible. The card providers often offer the most up to date exchange rate for purchases.

Either keep your passport on your person or leave it locked in a secure place at the hotel. Make two copies of the passport and keep one on your person and the other stored with personal items in the event the original is lost or stolen. Avoid taking valuables when you travel. Keep alert and always be aware of your surroundings.

Peruvian nightlife can provide a lot of fun, but keep safety your number one priority. Always buy your own drinks and refuse any offered by a stranger. Ask the hotel staff for the number of an official taxi to call for a ride back to the hotel. Travel in groups for safety and avoid drinking to intoxication, allowing you to keep your wits.

While on your trip, drink only bottled water. Tap water must be boiled before it is consumed. Avoid food being sold on the street by vendors. While most are perfectly safe, there is no way to be sure. If an upset stomach hits, use standard medication that was brought from home or visit a Peruvian farmacia, where you will be able to purchase anything needed. Do not be afraid to try new foods, even if they seem daunting.

Vacations to Peru offer much to see and do. Taking a few safety precautions helps to ensure the trip is safe and enjoyable. Keep your safety a first priority during your travels.

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