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Details on the Fastpass option at Walt Disney World

By Jacob Smith

During this post I'll reveal everything that a guest will need to understand about the ways the fastpass system at Walt Disney World operates, including specifics of exactly how the brand new fastpass plus system will work.

How The System Works at Walt Disney World.

Unlike Universal and SeaWorld, Disney do not charge for their "skip the line" option. To get their hands on one of these time saving tickets, all the guest needs is a valid park ticket, which will be included in their park ticket price.

The guest should then find the distribution machines for their chosen attraction (not all qualify), commonly nearby the entrance to the ride, slip a current park ticket into the machine then simply collect the newly printed FASTPASS ticket!

The pass is going to be valid for a set time during the guests stay in the park. The guest should return at some point in the one hour range printed on the ticket to get around the regular line and go right to the front!

Unfortunately, Disney have recently altered their policies when coming back with a ticket at The Walt Disney World Resort Parks. In the good old days, the guests were able to come back at any time after the time frame had began. Regrettably, now Disney park employees have been given strict rules to enforce the printed return time period.

Information regarding the new FASTPASS+

The Fastpass+ option is a new up-to-date version of the original system, the only difference being that it gives the guests a number of additional perks.

Experiences can be arranged before a vacation. This will permit families to decide on their desired offerings well in advance without having to stress about missing out. Likewise, there is significantly less of a compulsion to head to the park super early to pick up a ticket for several of the guests favorite shows and attractions.

Second, FASTPASS+ is a really flexible system. The guest may even change out their return time or experience (if available) right up until the time of their experience. In case they forget the return range, with the old system they may have lost out. But with the newly refurbished system guests are able to re-book for a later available time.

With the old system, should the guests lose their ticket, they would have lost out on that experience as well as the time they need to wait to obtain a brand new pass. But with FASTPASS+, reservations may be checked in the system and changed with their reservations still in place.

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