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Finding The Best South America Vacation Destinations

By James John

While many South America Vacation Destinations focus on the beautiful beaches, this continent has many other features to offer. Breathtaking mountain scenery abounds along with the opportunity to discover ancient architecture and nature. Regardless of one's travel plans, the trip is guaranteed to be memorable.

Machu Picchu, located in Peru was the center of the Incan Empire. The Incas built stone cities without the benefit of concrete and networks of roads crossing the Andes Mountains. Hire a guide to lead you along the ancient trek from Cuzco to Machu Picchu, one of the great mountain strongholds. Along this trail you will see some of the most breathtaking views imaginable.

Jau National Park, Brazil is remote, vast beyond comprehension and very delicate. The Amazon is one of the world's last frontiers and disappearing at an alarming rated. Jau National Park is a rain forest that is constantly wet and home to fish, dolphins, crocodiles, birds monkeys, turtles, jaguars, insects and turtles. Explore the park by boat for an adventurous trip.

Only thee years after the newly independent Republic of Ecuador was made its claim on the Galapagos Islands, they were visited by Charles Darwin. As a result of his visit to the 19 island chain, he wrote his work "The Origin of the Species, " beginning a debate that has been ongoing for almost two centuries. Today visitors face many restrictions to this fragile environment.

Buenos Aires in Argentina is a city offering a European feel. Tourists will find the rates affordable in their visit to this area. It offers great nightlife, art, wine and world class restaurants. There are direct flights from many other nations, including the USA. Flights are also affordable.

Torres del Paine, a national park located in Chile at the southern tip of the Americas. This park allows visitors to come face to face with glaciers, lakes and mountains that are sheer and massive. Lovers of the great outdoors will find this the perfect place to visit and enjoy.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and was originally a Portuguese fort to protect traders traveling the route from the French pirates. Today, Rio lives up to its reputation as a party city. One of the favorite places for visitors it the wonderful Copacabana beach. The city has earned a reputation for a high crime rate, requiring visitors to take precautions but should not shy away.

Peten Region, Guatemala can be accessed by direct international flights into Flores. There are cobblestone streets along with Mayan ruins. Visit a lake or local caves for a cool retreat from the summer heat. To add more heat try the local habanero chile salsa if you dare.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia is the world's largest salt flats. Covering more than 12,000 square kilometers with 10 meter thick salt, visitors can spend the night in a hotel made out of only salt. This is the closest experience to walking on the moon most earth dwellers will ever have. It is one of the South America Vacation Destinations that travelers will not want to miss.

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