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The South America Travel Destinations Not To Miss

By Kenya File

When considering a vacation, many overlook the South America travel destinations that are ideal places to relax, enjoy the scenery and learn more about the world. Most of the locations speak Spanish, but Portuguese is the language of Brazil and two small countries speak French. No matter where or when one visits, there are many memorable sites to see.

Rio de Janeiro offers gorgeous white sand beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Rio is a great place to plan a relaxing vacation any time of the year. Many people visit Rio for the awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer, but others are there for the sun at Copacabana.

Buenos Aires, known as the Paris of the Southern hemisphere also has much to offer. Visitors can find many charming locations. There are plenty of kid-friendly attractions along with Parisian style cafes. Take in some of the exciting sporting events. During the fall and spring, the room rates are very affordable.

Cusco once served as capitol for the Inca. Today, many visitors choose it as their home base for beginning and returning from their hike along the ancient trail to Machu Picchu. The hike offers several different fitness levels, some requiring several days to complete. Other attractions to see include the planetarium and the pre-Columbian museum that has extensive displays.

Argentine Patagonia offers captivating scenery for every traveler. The Lake district offers glistening peaks and the Southern Patagonia has rustic cattle ranches. Punta Tombo offers up close looks at the Magellan penguins. Although not as popular as some of the other locations, the trip can be quite enchanting.

Costa Rica is the place to visit for a beach vacation. However there is more than just the beach. There are rainforests as well as volcanoes. The culture is vibrant. Costa Rica provides many places to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Many will find it so relaxing that it is hard to leave the cream colored sands found on the Nicoya Peninsula.

The windswept Chilean Patagonia once caught the attention of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as well as Charles Darwin. It is a place where visitors can ride on horseback across frontiers that have not been explored and enjoy the scenery. Tourists can also slow down to enjoy wonderful seafood as well as local wines.

Belize offers many beautiful beaches covered in powdery sand that meets turquoise waters. Visitors will find plenty of Mayan ruins. In addition to these ancient archaeological sites, there are also jaguars and toucans to visit at the local wildlife sanctuary.

The Galapagos Islands became famous after Darwin published his works and remain home to many great animals such as the tortoises, seals, lizards and penguins. There are many areas on the islands that are virtually undisturbed by humans. Be sure to budget for the trip as it is more expensive than other locations.

In addition to these South America travel destinations, tourists may want to consider other locations. The continent offers an excellent place to escape the chill of the Northern Hemisphere's winter. When snow is on the ground at home, the weather here is warm and wonderful making this continent a wonderful place to plan a vacation to learn more about the world in which one lives.

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