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South America Travel Experiences Are Rich In History And Adventure

By James John

There are a number of ideal South America travel experiences which can provide the whole family with a great adventure, not to mention an opportunity to learn the history of various regions. These learning vacations are great for home schooling families. Parents who are responsible for the education of their children will take every opportunity to turn an outing into an opportunity to learn, and going south of the Equator can provide just that.

There are thirteen countries that make up this beautiful continent. The better known places such as Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile have well known vacation spots which are frequented by many travelers. However, there are lesser known countries such as Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, Paraguay, French Guiana, and Ecuador. A great idea for home schooling parents is to create an art project of this continent, showing the individual countries.

The little known nation of Suriname was once the home of the Arowak Tribe of native people, who are believed to have settled the region around 3000 BC. The first European settlers had a very tough time of it, with disease and native people thinning their numbers on a regular basis. The plantations in the area were sold to a Dutchman named Cornelius Van Aerssen heer van Sommelsdijck who was killed in a mutiny in 1688.

Another small and relatively unknown nation is French Guiana. The French had a great deal of trouble settling the region, as the Portugese regarded their presence as a breach of treaty. They were also attacked by various native tribes, and also had several battles with the Dutch. France was officially granted ownership of this country via the Treaty of Breda in July of 1667.

The nation of Guyana experienced a great deal of treachery in their early days. Bordering Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela resulted in various clashes for control of the region. There were many years of warfare between the English, Dutch, Spanish, and French colonists.

Ecuador, like many of these countries in the southern region, is divided into historical periods as pre-Columbian, European conquest, and the colonial period. Ecuador had a war for independence, which was a war for all of the Spanish American colonies led by a man named Criollos. A great deal of conflict was seen for many years in this region, and Ecuador even invaded Peru in 1941, but was pushed back by the Peruvian army.

These are only a few examples of the rich history of this region. This history awaits visitors who venture outside of their usual comfort zone and wish to experience foreign culture, cuisine, and history. Any one of these nations has a great deal to offer visitors in the way of scenery, outdoor adventure, culture, entertainment, and of course history.

One will never forget their South America travel experiences. This makes an excellent destination for families, social clubs, or company outings. The usual destinations are places like Machu Pichi and Lake Titicaca; however, all of these nations have an array of mountains, jungles, and beautiful rivers with exotic and sometimes the most deadly natural life on the planet.

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