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Best Wine Regions: Healdsburg Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

With tons of things that one can do in Healdsburg Wineries, it is definitely one exceptional place for one to visit. This great wine region features a lot of boutiques, diverse cuisine and most notably, tasting rooms. The tasting rooms are more than sufficient for almost everyone that they won't have to drive far just to fill their day. Here are some of the best wineries in Healdsburg:

The first winery is J Vineyards & Winery. When it comes to wine production at J Vineyards & Winery, theirs start of with the soil. The expertise of Judy Jordan's in understanding geology and continuous interaction with climate, soil, clone and rootstock keeps J Vineyards & Winery a step ahead among Healdsburg Wineries. The winery prides itself as being the experts in wine making and guarantees continuous improvement to ensure that they offer the best. Melissa Stackhouse is the head wine maker here and has a great understanding of Russian Rover Valley and ensures that the winery produces the best wine and the techniques and methods applied here deliver an awesome combination of elegance, varietal expression and complete balance.

Quivira Vineyards & Winery is a great winery. Headed by Huge Chappelle, Quivira Vineyards & Winery can be described as unconventional in relation to other wineries in Healdsburg. They pride themselves as being 'wine growers' instead of wine makers. As their philosophy in wine allows them, they are dedicated to use a more natural way of developing wine such as use biodynamic farming. This method sets their wine apart from others because when you taste their wine, you will find a sense of purity and sprightly hint to each and every wine that they offer.

Hop kiln winery is a place that you will surely not want to miss and if it is not for wine tasting, you will be amazed by the historic structure. Besides their lovely wines, Hop Kiln winery also a wide selections of other food varieties as well as condiments like the fabulous fig vinegar. Your wine tasting experience is combined with wonderful meat assortments, bread and cheeses that explain why Healdsburg wineries also make a great destination for picnic. Their wine is the best and has a friendly staff and you will definitely want to try the unbelievably priced Zin and Big red.

Ridge Lytton Springs Vineyards is one of my favorite. Ridge Lytton Springs Vineyards is most distinguished for being eco-friendly and socially responsible in their wine making process. They make use of wine grapes that are completely cultured with the use of native yeasts that are found from their very own vineyards rather than use more artificial components. Every step including color extraction, tannins and taste are all determined without the use of commercial enzyme, which has brought out the traditional classic taste of their wines.

If you are particularly into Zinfadels, Seghesio Family Vineyards is the perfect place for you. Its history is chronicled from being a humble winery to being the expert of Zinfadels, among others, in the entire state. They offer five kinds of Zinfadels, which includes Sonoma County Old Vine, the single vineyards at Cortia, San Lorenzo and Home Ranch and its normal Sonoma County wine bottling.

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