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The City Of Tulum And How The Mayans Safeguarded It

By Linda Patterson

If you have lived during the unstable times, surrounded by foes that are violent and in danger of being attacked, what would you do? For sure you will get something to protect yourself and make ways to keep your attackers away. That's precisely what the Mayans did in the post-classic period and their primary standpoint was the city of Tulum located at the Caribbean coast. Due to Mayan monopoly, tours to this city are amongst the most desired segments in the Mayan.

Though at first glance, this ancient Mayan city appears to be like a seaside town, an aerial view uncovers presence of fortified walls on the remaining 3 sides, as a result validating the fact that it was in fact a disturbed period in history. These walls are similar to the Great Wall of China as they are characterized by an interior pathway that extends to a height of 3 to 5 meters above the ground and 7 meters thick. A lot of suggestions spring to mind of what the Mayans could possibly have intended nevertheless self defense is at the forefront. It's a point which is not yet been validated regardless of whether it was up against the peasant communities or other tribes.

What protected the inhabitants from invaders were the walls and the sea served as a gateway to the outer world that also facilitated trade. The best thing about tours to this lost city is that you will get the chance to be in a beautiful sandy beach and be allowed to swim which is a part of the Tulum travel deals. However throughout the Mayan period this functioned as a landing point for canoes packed with products. In addition, it is just at this place that the Mayans took initiative to create and make use of canoes. And before that, it was humans that do the transporting of goods. In a number of aspects, the Mayan civilization was advanced in so many aspects yet they not aware of how to use animals to carry loads. This was related to the lack of appropriate animals in the encompassing habitats.

Traveling to this ancient Mayan city would show you that due to this lack of knowledge, the Mayans were caught without warning right after they came across Spaniards riding on horses the first time. Initially, the Mayan judgment thinks that the horse along with its rider is one creature. And this opinion transformed when both were viewed as losing their lives independently. When the horse died separately from its rider, they felt awed and they worshipped the horse's skeleton and immortalized it in many different murals as well as frescoes.

Just how did the seafaring vessels get to land safely? In order to guarantee a safe landing for the vessels, the Mayans had built a highest building in this location and when its two uppermost torches were lighted, the path through the reef up to the beach was simply for the seafarers. The trade was usually composed of many different agricultural products to exotic items like serpentine feathers, obsidian and jade. El Castillo was the name given to the tall building which means castle and it remains to be amongst the main attractions of Tulum tours.

Have you ever gone to El Castillo? If your answer is yes then surely you did not miss to explore the Mayan temple at its left side. Termed as a Temple of Descending God, it showcases a winged Mayan deity in an inverted position and it was given the title 'diving God' because of this. Given its resemblance to bees, the mere presumption that comes up is that Mayans loved honey and thus admired bees.

The growing interest in the region as well as the Mayans has escalated and there are a lot of tours to this city to choose from for any avid vacationer. Nevertheless, for the vacation in order to make the costs really worth, a great suggestion will be to choose Tulum deals which will exceed your expectations.

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