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Best Southern California Vacations: Temecula Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

While the quality of wine produced at Temecula wineries has been improving slowly with time, it is yet to hit world class wine quality. Nevertheless, this wine region continues to receive Disneyland level crowds of people during weekends as people from all over come to Temecula for wine tasting visits. These wineries enjoys a great advantage thanks to their close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego which makes their tasting rooms some of the highly visited every year. Below are some of the top wineries that define the Temecula region.

South Coast Winery and Resort

South Coast Winery and Resort is arguably the largest winery ever found in the wine region. Their winery includes facilities for wine production as well as a resort/hotel where guests can check out the scrumptious food in the restaurant, swim at the pool and relax at the spa. In terms of their wine, they have a trademark Wild Horse Label that is much revered in this particular region. One of the best wine drinks here is most probably Petite Syrah.

Ponte Winery

The Ponte winery is a family owned vineyard estate located in the premier Temecula wineries in Southern California. They boast offering the best you can find in the Temecula region including top quality wine and wonderful foods as you spend your day relaxing at the country side. Their motto says, 'if you like it, it is good wine'.

Wiens Family Cellars

Weins is most commonly known to maintain a high quality of different red wines in the Temecula wineries. One of their best features is the overall experience they provide to their visitors. Weins Family Cellars give tours around the vineyard, wine tasting sessions and a patio picnic. They truly want to be the best winery that produces the Bordeaux blend not only in Temecula, but worldwide.

Mount Palomar Winery

A favorite in this wine region is Mount Palomar Winery. It has actually been receiving awards left and right ever since 1969. Each and every person who has taste their wine will attest to their high quality wines and wine tasting areas. Mount Palomar makes sure that each guest will leave happy there, with 315 acres of land that consists of the winery, citrus gloves, vineyards and a spectacular panorama of the valley. Touring the winery gives each guest an excellent time as they get to see some of the conventional facilities that Mount Palomar Winery uses to make their excellent wine.

Maurice Car'rie Winery

Maurice Car'rie Winery is owned by the wonderful Maurice and Budd, who are dedicated to producing premium wines for everyone, even those in the younger generation. They have 14 varieties of wine drinks, handcrafted and celebrated in lots of competitions. Guests will undoubtedly enjoy their wine tasting session as they get to relax in a sociable and friendly atmosphere. It is actually rated #11 in Temecula wineries.

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