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The Joy Of Boating In Southern California

By Bertha Wells

Anyone who loves to be on the water will enjoy boating in southern California. This area is one of the best in the world for climate, marinas and water sport opportunities. Summers are hot and sunny and even the winters are very mild along the coast. This provides the perfect conditions for year round sailing.

The region is huge and has a diverse range of coast line and inland lakes. There are literally dozens of excellent marinas along the coast that have so much to offer the sailing enthusiast and boat owner. In fact, anyone who is interested in owning a boat can head to one of the marinas and check out the vessels for sale.

Buying a boat is an exciting experience. Some people are on a budget and will look for a used boat that is more affordable. Those with more money to spend can have a great time looking at all the exciting new vessels that are offered for sale. New boats come with a host of amazing features including satellite navigation systems, well equipped kitchens, comfortable sleeping quarters and much more. A family can easily spend days on their boat and not feel cramped.

Many people spend their lives dreaming of owning their own boat. Some may be happy to settle for a small sail boat for use on the lake. Others may be looking for something bigger and more powerful. There are some luxurious vessels available that can sleep eight people or more comfortably. They have every necessary facility including fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

San Diego is one of the premiere southern California destinations. It has a perfect climate and dozens of outstanding marinas. Sailors can spend a night or two moored at one of the marinas whilst they relax and socialize with others. If supplies need to be purchased or maintenance done, this can all be accomplished at once.

There are so many different types of boats to choose from. Many people love the cabin cruiser with one or two outboard motors. These are perfect for short trips close to the shore. They have beds to sleep and a basic kitchen with built in refrigerator. Sailboats are also very popular. There is nothing like a day on the water listening to the sound of the wind in the sails. Before going out alone it is crucial for a boat owner to learn all about the rigging and how to sail the vessel.

It does take some time to learn all about sail boats. There are many different ropes and knots to learn. Most modern boats also have an outboard motor to use as back up in the event of a storm or other emergency. Spending a day on the ocean in a sailing vessel is truly a delightful pleasure. However, all the necessary safety precautions should be taken. This includes always letting someone on shore know how long the trip will last and the number of passengers on board.

Boating in southern California is so popular that many people actually choose to live on their boat. This is a wonderful lifestyle for many families. They can enjoy the beautiful weather, meet other sailing enthusiasts and heat out to sea on the weekends and holidays.

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