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Where Is The Best Spot to Watch The Fireworks At Disney?

By Billy MacKenzie

Below I'm going to deliver my thoughts and opinions on the best spots to view Wishes at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

The ideal place mostly relies upon what the person/ group of people is wanting to do at the end of the show. As an example, it is no good for a person that wants to make a speedy exit from the park to see the display from Fantasyland, being required to fight through the crowds that are all attempting to do the same thing. But then again viewing the show from an area nearby the park exit and wanting to stay in the park after is a waste of a good chance to get closer to the castle. So before making the decision, determine where you are heading after the fireworks have finished.

If You Want to Be Near the Castle.

So I can understand that some of my readers may totally forget exactly how risky fireworks can be and get so excited about being at the Magic Kingdom, that they actually want to be a part the show! (Only a joke. You are definitely safe at all the Disney parks). However if you wish to get a real up close view, then the castle area is best for you.

The Hub is that circular section found in front of Cinderella Castle that links all of the lands together. I've actually viewed Wishes in every location you can possibly imagine. The Hub, Main Street, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Fort Wilderness Campground beach, around the back of the park at Disney University, the bridge to Tomorrowland, the Polynesian Resort beach, and at the top of Bay Lake Tower. Out of all these places, in the front section of the Hub has to be the worst!

The reason why I don't like being in the front area, and by that I mean between Walt and Mickey's "Partners" statue and Cinderella Castle, is mainly because the castle will completely block the view of the fireworks that are behind the castle. One time I had just finished eating dinner at Cinerella's Royal Table, and my family found ourselves extremely close to the castle to watch the show. It wasn't pleasant in the slightest, and I had a terrible crick in my neck from having to look directly above me during the show. I undoubtedly did not have a great time!

The Best Place to Watch The Fireworks.

Provided that you stay toward the back of the Hub you are sure to get the greatest experience possible. Although I would recommend that you stay toward the right of the Castle to get the best view of a special element of the show.

I personally think the best position to watch Wishes is from the seating area just outside of the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the Castle end of Main Street (check a park map if you are unsure of where it is). If you can get seats there, you will get an amazing view of all aspects of the show. But I would suggest that you get there about an hour before the show begins.

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