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Find A Scuba Training Atlanta Instructor And Experience The Wonders Of The Deep Blue

By Janelle Burnett

Many people dream of exploring the treasures of life deep below the waves. If you are one of these individuals, then you'll need to obtain a diving certification. One you are a certified diver, you will be bale to explore the mystique and beauty which comes with this great hobby. Locating a certified scuba training Atlanta instructor is your first step to unlocking the door to this breathtaking underwater world.

Before you go under water there will be a bit of training to do, so be prepared. You need to be certified before going diving anywhere in the world. There are different certifications in diving such as PADI, SSI and NAUI. To obtain any one of these three certifications you'll need to complete at least a three day training course.

PADI open water certification has four components. You'll need to complete a work book as well as course work. Once you have completed this, you will then move on to instruction by a trained instructor. This part of the course will take part in a swimming pool. The final phase will include two open water dives, one of 12 meters and another of 18 meters.

Usually one can complete their certification within three to four days. The first leg of the course is usually started by watching some DVDs. The book section is based on the theory and also includes the hand signals which you'll so dearly need under the water. The first part of this course will also teach you about buoyancy when you hit the water and you will also be taught about decompression sickness.

The instructor will then explain how to use all the equipment as well as explain why each item is necessary. Although remembering everything may seem difficult at first, it soon becomes quite easy. Once you have learned to use all of the equipment efficiently, you will then be ready for your first dive. This will take place in a swimming pool under controlled conditions.

After you have experienced the pool dive, you'll feel great as you will then be ready to go diving in open water. By this time you and your instructor will be confident in your abilities to take on deeper waters. Diving is actually not something you want to do alone, so you'll need to learn how to dive with a buddy. This will include checking his equipment as well.

Once that you have gone through everything, you'll be ready to go into the water. The boat will stop at a buoy to which there will be a rope attached. This rope is the one that will lead down to the 18m mark. First you'll get into the water and then go down in single file slowly to 12m, you will then get to go to the 18m mark.

You and the rest of the group group will be led to a buoy with a rope leading down. You will then be able to go down in single file below the water. Your first dive will be at 12m and your next one will be 18m. If you think that this is something you would like to experience, then locate a scuba training Atlanta instructor who will get you certified in no time.

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