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Guatemala Adventure Tours Can Give You The Opportunity To Relive The Mayan Way Of Life

By Linda Patterson

A lot of people believe that the very best way to learn something is to experience it personally. With this, the best way to experience the Mayan way of life is to opt for Playa del Carmen tours. In a normal Mayan family day of life, the lady of the house is the one who gets out of bed earlier. Preparing the first meal of the day and lighting up fire for the whole household included her scale of duties. Men and boys rise up an hour later from sleep to have their first meal of the day and then leave to do some field work.

There are various sections that comprised the Mayan society and this was based on profession. The top most rung of society was occupied by priests and noblemen while warriors, traders, farmers and craftsmen comprised the middle class and the lowest in the hierarchy were the slaves. All these classes have left behind lots of artifacts and what is needed is to have a Guatemala travel plan in order to see the remains. An amazing way to learn more about the classification of the Mayan society is to take Playa del Carmen tours.

Farmers usually work on their own plot of land, on the shared plot as well as on the garden that was attached to the house. Based upon the type of land, it is the farmer's responsibility to make it work for cultivation and then plant crops later on. Water for irrigation and cultivation was brought in from the swamps by means of a well laid out irrigation network and canals. As Playa del Carmen tours are discovered by tourists, they will commonly find farm land with either sapodillas, or cocoa and many trees lining.

Craftsmen were generally experts in various trades and responsible for meeting the basic needs of the people. Therefore, the weavers were required to weave fabrics, the potters produced pottery and often clay figurines and the scientifically oriented produced musical instruments of numerous types. Women wore sack-like dresses that are vibrantly colored and men wore loin cloth. Fine fabrics adorned with shells, bead and various other embellishments were worn by members of the noble families as a privilege. A number of these have been discovered at numerous Mayan ruins and could be easily seen during Playa del Carmen tours.

More complex responsibilities such as measuring the passage of time, plotting calendars and appeasing the Gods to have fair weather for crops to grow were given to priests and noblemen Relentless. This also includes thorough observation of the sky's elements and then allotting each day with a number and name. In addition, the calendar of the Mayan comprises of 18 months and each month is composed of 20 dates and they have 5 additional days that they consider unlucky hence unfavorable. A separate religious calendar characterized having 260 days is showcased by Playa del Carmen tours and its trips. All these social stratifications have one common factor that unifies them and it is the Mayan love of hair.

Genetically, the Mayans were blessed with thick black hair. Although there were various styles and head-dresses, they usually wear long hair irrespective of their gender, caste and creed. The males actually have no hair on the front of their head and have the remaining hair braided and roll it up to make it look like a crown and leaving a tail dangling at the back. In the case of the females, they have their hair divided into two parts tied in different ways and braided.

Under Playa del Carmen tours likewise Guatemala travel packages, hairstyles as well as head dresses are common topics of depictions in sites which can judged personally in order to give an opinion of this civilization.

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