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Discovering the Best Accommodation Along the Garden Route.

By Shawn Schmidt

The Garden Route is among the best known South African tourist destinations, 2nd only to the Kruger National Park. It is a lavish, green coastal area where you can have an extensive South African experience. The Garden Route is touristy, but it caters to all sorts of budgets and travel choices.

The Garden Route starts off in Mossel Bay and ends around Plett. There are plenty of activities both for culture lovers and nature lovers. You can hike through the woods, bike through the national forests or relax on white, sandy beaches. Also there are several lagoons in the vicinity and canoeing your way to remote picnic spots is fantastic fun enjoyable. to remote picnic spots is great fun most enjoyable.

When choosing Garden Route accommodation you ought to think about some of the smaller sized towns as they provide better value for money. The usual bases are Knysna and Plett, however Wilderness, in our viewpoint, is a much better town since it's a town with a lovely beach where you don't always need a car to get around. It is full of restaurants and has its own lagoon.

From Wilderness, you are 40km from Knysna, 50 kilometers away from Mossel Bay and 60km away from Oudsthoorn, all distances that can painlessly be covered on an outing. So if you like to get around and see things however you also would love to relax, then your best option would be to drop in on a town like Wilderness.

The whole of the Garden Route has particularly lavish vegetation as it is rich in water. Around Wilderness alone there are 5 rivers, 5 lakes and two estuaries. You can book a ferry ride up the Breede River or paddle up the Touw River with a canoe. You can load up a picnic lunch and swim and eat below the Touw River waterfall.

If you like to get really close to huge sea animals, you can take your pick between dolphins, whales and sharks. The sharks are typically seen in Mossel Bay, where you can go cage diving. Otherwise you can go for Ocean Safaris and see the dolphins in the summer season or the whales in thte winter time. See to it that you book with a business that has a SABBWWA license as these watercraft can get really near to the animals. Companies without this license need to work from a 300 meter distance. On the Garden Route ocean safaris, you may get to see unusual dolphins and whales such as the humpback dolphin and the bottle-nose dolphin, or the Southern Right whales. Seeing these mammals up close is truly an unforgettable experience!

There are numerous spots that arrange Tree Adventures. These organizations are typically eco-friendly and allow you to cross the forest on ropes from tree to tree.

As we said previously, you can easily go for walks or bicycle rides in the nature reserves. It is advisable to bring knee high socks, proper hiking shoes and denims or other thick trousers with you. There are hiking tracks in the nearby Outeniqua Mountains and the Tsitsikama National forest is highly recommended.

If you are preparing to visit the Garden Route, decide which activities you would enjoy doing and how many lazy beach days you would like to have. Then base yourself in a village that is not too far for day trips and various other activities. Possibly find a spot that has a terrific beach and lots of bistros.

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