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Embark On An Exciting Jungle Adventure In The Yucatan Peninsula

By Linda Patterson

The Yucatan Peninsula is covered by a thick jungle that is lushly filled with many trees as well as a wild forest. The jungle is no longer cultivated. However according to researches, the ancient Maya people highly and devotedly managed the landscapes before their civilization collapsed. The wild forest was once the ancient Mayan cities which was abandoned and left to be eaten by the jungle.

The Jungle Of The Yucatan Peninsula That Has Gone Untamed

All of the plant and tree species that can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula jungle are the Maya civilization's greenery that has gone untamed. Before the foreign invasion, the forest was a landscape managed by the Mayans.

The fact that the peninsula's ecosystem bears the indication that human manipulation was established is one evidence that pointed out that there was an ancient civilization that flourished in the jungle many, many years ago. The plants were found to spread in a uniform manner which is not the case if they evolved naturally. This observation only shows that the Mayans thoroughly altered the jungle where they created their civilizations. After long years of being abandoned, nearly all of the plant species that were once highly cultivated have gone untamed.

Nearly all of the plants are species that were highly cultivated however they have gone untamed after being neglected for many, many years.

The Yucatan Peninsula's Forest Today

It is impossible to go through the jungle except through embarking on a guided tour. The main highways run along the coasts and the roads that were built are crisscrossing the region.

A lot of the inner parts of the jungle are not inhabited apart from some hunters that still are living in small communities. These native villages can be accessed through trail. Electricity is already present in some of the villages.

The Yucatan And How It Is Turned Into A Friendly Eco Park

The peninsula is a flat, rocky terrain and portions of it were turned into National parks and commercial places such as Xcaret and Xel-Ha parks that are both situated in the state of Quintana Roo.

The peninsula is a rocky flat land and some of its portions have already been transformed into commercial places and National Parks like Xel-Ha and Xcaret parks - both of which are found in the state of Quintana Roo.

The meaning of Xcaret in Maya language is 'little cove'. And a millionaire developer is the one who founded this park and turned it into a recreational project that is interesting and educational. The park is comprised of 250 acres of land plus an inlet. Moreover, there's a museum which was built to preserve the ancient people's culture as well as history. Additionally, there are archaeological sites that happen to be scattered around the blossoming landscaped grounds. There is likewise a great area of space intended for activities like snorkeling, swimming and horseback riding.

All of the parks including the National Parks in the peninsula provide the generation of today with places to learn about the ancient civilization. Aside from that, these places offer people the opportunity to experience something that has been hidden from the rest of the world.

The peninsula's jungle is where the Mayans settled and established their civilization. It is a dense tropical rainforest that was turned into Mexican villages these days. When it comes to culture and ecology, the peninsula is really diverse.

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