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Best things to do in Bournemouth, England

By Jonny Blair

Bournemouth in Dorset is a great spot, one of England's often unknown tourist resorts. Just because it's touristy doesn't mean it's overpacked by holiday makers, in fact this town has a great mix to suit all types of travellers. Having spent 6 years living there it's time to reflect on that all with a personal top 5 things to do in Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

1. Bournemouth Beach

The main attraction of Bournemouth is the epic coastline and of course Bournemouth is graced with splendid beaches. There are so many different beaches too so it suits all types of travellers. There are beaches to relax, beaches to party, beaches to watch sunset and just beaches! Check out Boscombe beach, Southbourne beach and even Alum Chine. The coastline is wide and varied. The beaches have won awards for their cleanliness too.

2. Bar crawl in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is littered with an incredible range of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants! It makes it an absolutely ideal and amazing place for pub crawls. Start on the Christchurch Road and walk your way down to the square visiting as many drinking establishments as you can. The summers are the best time with beer gardens galore and loads of happy people out partying!

3. The Wave Balloon

This massive balloon known as the Wave Balloon appears only in the Spring and Summer months. It is a large hot air balloon attached by rope and hoisted up from Bournemouth's seafront gardens. It's hard to miss as you walk down by the seafront and a trip up in it offers immense views.

4. Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

This is actually quite untouristy and unknown even by Bournemouth standards but it is unique and totally worth a visit. Mixing Italian, Scottish and Japanese influences this serves as your art experience in the popular seaside town. Best of all it won't be too busy and has a view over the beach!

5. A Trip to the Football Stadium to watch AFC Bournemouth

Dean Court stadium which is also known as the Goldstands is home to the local football team AFC Bournemouth. They attract good crowds, especially in the summer months and offer a great value for money standard of football. The Cherries are a great team to watch.

You will get a more authentic and real life English football atmosphere in the lower divisions, and watching 90 minutes at Dean Court will give you a great experience. You might even fall in love and become a fan, like I did ;-)

How to get to Bournemouth

Trains and buses run from London and the trip will only take 2 - 3 hours, so it's easily reachable if you're based in the capital for your travels. Take a Megabus if you want to save cash!

Bournemouth also has its own international airport which is worth checking out for flight schedules.

That completes my top 5 list and rundown on what to see and do in Bournemouth in Dorset on the south coast of England.

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