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Active Adults And Their Active Lives

By Traci Witt

There are a lot of different people in this world. People who do very little and people who do as much as they can during the time they have. There are people who help others and those who walk away from those who need help. The active adults around you are sometimes hard to spot and other times they are right in front of you.

Those who consider themselves as active adults will generally seek out others who are similar. They will tend to move into sub-divisions or communities that cater to those who like to do things all day long or at least as much as possible. Sometimes keeping active is not the easiest thing to do what with work, the kids, and life in general.

These are the folks who move into communities that offer workout clubs and volunteer activities within the neighborhood. The people who start the neighborhood watch and who volunteer their time at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. The people who become room moms at your child's school and the PTO leaders. They are everyday people that you meet all the time.

They are just like everyone else and even though some people might label them as "goody-two shoes" or "snotty" or "stuck-up" they are not always what those labels represent. Sometimes they are just the type of individuals who must remain busy throughout the day otherwise they feel useless. These are the types who do anything they can to stay active.

This can even be described not only as active people in their 30's to 50's but also seniors who would consider themselves the type to go out and do things, not sit home and get old. That is how they see it. They think that people who are not out doing something or remaining busy are just sitting home waiting to die.

Of course this also applies to seniors as well. It is not just the younger generation who likes to keep busy and try new things. They will often move into retirement communities that cater to the older generation that refuses to stay at home and watch television or put together puzzles. Reading groups and playing cards are simply not enough.

These people are great to work with generally because you can always count on them to hold up their end of the work load. They rarely call in sick and will always offer to help you if you end up over your head. During inventory time when it is mandatory to work late and come in on the weekend they will always be there and are often the people who lead the charge.

Many of them will not retire either. They might leave their official job but active adults will try their best to remain in the industry they come from. Starting clubs, training classes, or even seminars. Anything to keep busy and stay as helpful as possible within the field they know. Nobody wants to just give up and call it quits.

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