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Why Visit Peru? Is A Simple Question To Give The Thumbs Up To

By Allan Iacovelli

More than 12 000 BC ago Peru was inhabited by tribes of nomadic hunter gatherers. This civilization started farming with crops of cotton, squash, beans peppers and chillis as early as 4000 BC. It is therefore a country that is steeped in ancient history with magnificent Inca ruins and artifacts of other cultures. For the majority of visitors to this country the question Why visit Peru? is easy to answer.

Paracas, Inca and Chavin are a few of the original civilizations that were already considered ancient when the Spanish arrived on these shores in the 1500's. It has experienced a stormy history marked with times of war and peace which have all been woven into the culture fabric that makes the country the exciting place it is today. There are numerous amazing ancient wonders to see, delicious food to taste as well as beautiful arts and crafts to purchase.

Mother Nature has blessed this country with what are considered as the most magnificent natural wonders. The Amazon Basin has an abundance of rare and threatened species and has been classified as one of the ten endangered biodiversity spots. The Peruvian Andes with its famous peaks are majestic and offer amazing climbs for amateurs and professionals alike. Its coastal region bordering on the Pacific Ocean has large tracts of semi desert and is dotted with cities. Five other South American countries share common borders with Peru.

In ancient and modern outdoor bazaars tourists can taste amazing exotic fruits and veggies, view beautiful arts and crafts and enjoy local cuisine. Renowned for their weaving expertise the clothing and wall hangings are made according to ancient intricate patterns and make excellent gifts or items for personal use.

The majority of its people have a strong Roman Catholic belief to wish they have added some traditional beliefs. There is also a sprinkling of numerous other Christian faiths to be found. The main language is Spanish but in the rural areas many ancient dialects are still spoken. English is spoken and understood in the larger tourist hotels and shops.

With its rich history the country offers many unusual ancient man made wonders. Sacred Valley and the mountain city of Manchu Picchu are easy to get to either by rail or road and are considered must see destinations. People have the choice of joining a tour group or visiting these sites on their own. There are organized one day and extended hiking trips to ancient sites which set off regularly from nearby towns.

In rural areas towns are surrounded by millennium old walls and many antiquities. Wandering through narrow alleys and streets one is quickly transported into an era of yesteryear. People can absorb the history and experienced cultures that have survived the test of time. Locals are friendly and enjoy sharing their incredible history and rich culture.

The country can be accessed by sea and air. Inclusive holiday packages cater for all budgets. It is considered a value for money destination offering inexpensive accommodation and public transport. Mobile phone coverage is good throughout the country. For those who may be wondering Why visit Peru? they should investigate the latest packages being offered online.

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